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what's the realtime effect of a too large bike?

diddsdidds Posts: 655
Is it the frame which is too big,I only say that as you can adjust the size by the following means,get a shorter stem for the handlebars,the seat post can be changed for a more aggressive angled one reducing the distance from seat to bars,the pedal crank lengths can also be changed.Try a professional bike fit measurement session,it will save money in the long run,best of luck.


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    diddsdidds Posts: 655
    In my ultimate greeness last summer I trusted my LBS to sell me an entry level bike (budget of £400!) - I ended up with a GT Series 4. Its great - I really do LOVE it, although being a chunky lad I have recently had to upgrade (£80!) the wheelset to 36 spoke jobbies (its also a longer story than that which I won't bother you with).

    However, it has recently come to my attention, from an impeccable source (ex pro cyclist!) that my bike is in fact... to big for me. Yes, my LBS having got me to sit on several bikes allied with my own ignorance (test ride seemed fine but then again what did I know not having been on a bike for 30 years!) sold me a bike that is too big for me.

    Now... I am also not the quickest of cyclists and lack power (ironic seeing I played front row for 30+ years and have thighs the size of some people's chest!!) anyway, and I really am wary of appearing to blame anything but myself (as in ability!) but since I have learned this bombshell a little voice inside my head is constantly asking whether the fact the bike is too large (not by a lot says my source, but he can see its just too large; its a size L GT 4 2008 model) is affecting the efficiency of what paltry ability i don't have. I am a definite believer of "good" times being relative only to oneself and not to get hung up on what others do (and factors such as resource have an effect as well!) but this morning i did a 26.5 mile (450 feet of ascent) ride that took me 1:51...


    Q: does a just too large frame seriously affect one's abilities or am I just totally pants and HAVE to keep doing the mileage in the vain hope that eventually I may get somewhere where it is worth me spending money on a better fit bike?

    depressed didds
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