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TT routes

diddsdidds Posts: 655
I've gleaned in my nascent interest in tri, that cycling time trials due to esoteric road laws of the UK became named with non specific nomenclarture for the routes that were used.

Stuff like "U30" would mean everything to a super keen cyclist but stuff all to plod (who would never think to join a cycling club to find out presumably ;-).

Given that since the 1850s (or whenever) that all this started, is there a list of such time trial routes with names etc available? Preferably on the web!

Reason for asking is I quite fancy a go (despite being totally pants at the bike thang) but want to have a little private practise before I make a complete jke of myself in front of people who can actuially ride. No point me even trying a "real" TT if I'm gonna take 48 minutes (which is what a ten mile route I occassionally use does, but that's hilly and bitty, so an actual real TT route would give me a better idea of what my relative efforts are worth).

So - is there a descripotion of the routes anywhere? FTR I live in central wiltshire...



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    Jelly legsJelly legs Posts: 278
    Mate most clubs have websites now,

    Basiclly you have two choices.

    Join the club at a cost


    Attend one of there open events

    Anyone can join one of these, but the point being just google where you live and add CC to the end ( Cycling club), and find the website, the routes will probably be on there.


    Heres one i found in wilshire , the westbury cc

    Hope you do ok, dont be daunted by the riders, they have some kit, but some are just as bad as us.( ok me).
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    husslerhussler Posts: 237
    Go on this link..... This has every TT listed in the country for the different events series....


    Click on the Events tab and search for TT's in the district near you.

    Even though the district may say Bristol for you say.... it doesnt mean that there wont be any TT's on your doorstep.

    There is a description of all the courses on there too so you can ride them on your own without the pressure of pure cyclists coming wizzing past!

    TT's are a great way of improving speed on the bike and becoming confident in the aero position....

    Dont worry if you think you will the last one to finish, you wont be!!
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