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running shoes??

Personally I would recommend asics.

I have 2 pairs which I use for training, they are very well cushioned, which you will need for running on the road.

I have tried other manufacturers and I have sauconys for my race shoes, but the most cushioned and comfortable out of all of them is the asics. For 70 you should be able to get a pair of the gel nimbus, albeit probably not the top model which retails for over 100.


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    trevtritrevtri Posts: 39
    has any one any suggestions on good running shoes budget about £70.00 just getting back into it and not light on my feet so when i run knocks hell out of my Joints Also any one suggest a decent sports shop in the Halesowen , worcester area With staff that can actually help tried JJB but thye havent a clue would like to try a specialist shop


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    ashthetashashthetash Posts: 164
    For that sort of budget most of the manufacturers will have a worthy shoe. Which is best is really going to depend on a number of factors such as the specific size and shape of your feet, your gait, how far you are likely to run, how often, at what speed. Essentially what works very well for one person will be a nightmare for another.

    You are going down the right line in trying to find a good specialist shop. Good staff will be able to observe you and advise on the areas of support you need and then offer a range of shoes to try. They will then be able to help you choose.

    The reason why people will often stick to a specific brand is because whilst sizing may subtly change from one manufacturer to another, most of them tend to have the same features in all their shoes. ie. one brand might always be better for those with slim feet whilst another will favour those broader feet.
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    Chris JChris J Posts: 71
    I have recently heard that over time your gait has the potential to change so for that reason it is worth getting it analysed every time you shop for a pair. Over the past couple of year I have sworn by Saucony but when I went to get a pair of slightly lighter weight runners as an experiment (every second counts!) when I compared one Saucony with one Nike there was a massive disparity. Oddly enough, with both Saucony shoes on they felt OK but in a direct comparison the Nikes held no irritation. Personally I've always felt Up & Running provide a great service.

    Hope this helps.
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    trevtritrevtri Posts: 39
    Cheers for the information i went out and tried a few yesterday and did find the Gel nimbus range extremely comfortable so i have plumped for those seemed to fit my foot perfectly and hopefully will be a lot easier on my knees than my old running shoes even managed to get a very good price on the nimbus 9 as the 10 was a little to over priced for the wifes liking. (Keeps reminding me we could have had a damn good holiday for what i have spent so far for this sport lol)

    and credit where its due after much looking round i ended up buying from decathlon of all places the lad in there was a runner himself and very knowledgable about the different trainers and went through the pros and cons of each manufacture and type.

    been for a run this morning im still crap at running but very light and very comfortable so hopefully i can get to enjoy the running again rather than the pain

    cheers again all
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    I'm a fairly big lad and am on my second pair of brooks glycerins. V comfortable and affordable - about 50 quid.
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