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Anyone done the Norwich Olympic triathlon?

I'm hoping to do the Norwich Olympic distance triathlon in July, prior to the London Triathlon.

My mum lives near the course, so it's an excuse to go visit with the grand kids!

Norwich will be my first Olympic and I was hoping to use it to get into the sub 2:30 category at London.

The terrain at the Norwich Tri sounds quite undulating, unlike the London route...

"1500m Swim in Whitlingham Great Broad. One lap, undulating cycle on small roads. New single lap run, mostly off road."

What I'm getting at is, what kind of handicap should I allow in the Norwich Tri's timing?



  • al_fordal_ford Posts: 119
    Did it last year in 2:33, my second olympic tri. Didi London the year before in 2:45 but was much fitter for Norwich.

    Pretty good event...except there were a few lively horses which had escaped onto the road half way round the bike course, had marshalls running everywhere and then the police turned up to sort it out!

    Swim - the broad was quite warm, nice and clean - no probs.

    Bike - country roads, not much traffic except the horses! A few drags but no real uphill, more exposed to the wind than any inclines. Remeber undulating in Norwich is flat in most places!

    Run - path around the lake and across some grassy tracks. Nice course, only one uphill bit for less than a hundred meters.

    I enjoyed it and will do it again depending on date. You should go for it.

    My guess is the timing should be pretty similar to London, the transition will be quicker and easier than London. No slippery floors, as the transition area is on grass.

    My in-laws live within walking distance from the start, so easy enough for me to sort out.
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