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i need a bike .... clinchers eh!!!!

Hi well ive spent the past 3 weeks trying to find a half decent biketo no avail,

i'm looking for my first road /tri bike so nothing to tricky needed just nice solid and i hear red bike are very fast. anyone know of anything good for sale anywhere around the £500 quid bracket have been trying to find out about various lesser known brands cube BH schwinn etc im looking for medium/large im 6' 33" inside leg

any and all help greatfully received.

oh yeah and having spent the past few years messing around on an old mtb whats a clincher/tubular thingy

cheers all


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    ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    Well I have a giant SCR2 which is about the £500 mark although the SCR3 can be picked up for a tad over £300. Specialized Allez also abot £500 ... in fact just done a trawl have a look at this for starters

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    jon_gjon_g Posts: 318
    from what i understand, a clincher is the traditional tyre with an inner tube. it's got a lip which 'clinches' it in place and a tubular (also called tubs) are a tyre and tube combined in one that needs to be glued in place. tubs can be inflated to higher pressures so theoretically have a lower rolling resistance. but higher pressures also mean that you'll have less contact with the road on a bumpy holey road.

    hope that helps!
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