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new user, new triathlete...

Hi all, I am a new user here and also new to the sport, or multi-sport, and have yet to even complete a single triathlon! Although I know the season is ending, my work supports sport alot, so I have a group to join in the new year through them, however they dont support it enough to give me the kit... Im looking at getting a triathlon starter package, probably from somewhere like SBR who I saw listed in a little book I had a read of (i think the author is also on this forum :) ) . I was wondering what any opinion is on these starter packs, and also any little nuggets of advice you could push my way while i digest the contents of the forums!

A bit about me incase it helps: im in the 18-25 age bracket, male (by the name I'd hope that guessable!), train for various things (muscular endurance and running being main players) around 8 hours a week. live in and around bedfordshire :)

Cheers for any help,


  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    The starter packs from what I have seen are usually OK but what are your intentions, Sprint or Olympic? If Sprint Pool or Open Water? That will determine if a wetsuit is needed or not.

    Re bike, plenty of postings on that subject but a safe bet is something like a Giant SCR3.

    Run, well you sound as if you have the right kit for that so no worries there.

    If you are not sure, play safe, keep your wallet closed, you are at the closing end of the season so borrow a bike, a MTB will do, Speedo trunks for the swim, shorts and vest for the bike and run.

    Your first event will not be spectacular but will give you valuable experience and give some kind of indication of what you need to do for next season. You will hopefully then be able to pick up some bargains at the end of season sales.

    Good luck
  • MikeLMikeL Posts: 7
    hi, thanks for the reply, well i reckon i want to get into open water and go for olympic, but right now being new i just want to have a go at the lot really, my partner is getting involved too so the sort of events we could both attend (whether or not we actually stick together in it is another question) would be great to start with. If anyone is from the midlands or east anglia (suffolk) area who knows about the local area and training/clubs i'd really like to hear anything!

    thanks again for the reply.
  • Have a look at the Tri UK website (www.triuk.com) - they do a beginners package which includes the Giant SCR 3, pedals, shoes, tri suit, foor wetsuit, cycle helmet and goggles for £500.

    I currently use this bike and wetsuit and find them more than suitable for Olympic events.
  • Open water swimming is probably the most daunting aspect of triathlons for newbies. If it's not too far I'd get yourself down to Datchet at the weekend to visit the lake. Check out www.openwaterswimuk.co.uk But do it before the summer's over and the water gets too cold! At the moment the temperature is fantastic - a positively balmy 20 degrees! It's a really friendly lake at weekends, good atmosphere, buoyed out swimming.
  • mike_trimike_tri Posts: 60
    if i was you then i would compete in a race before buying all the gear, you never know if you will still want to do it again after. if you can borrow a bike and then try a sprint or olympic distance and then see how you feel after, chances are you will want to carry on but you never know.
  • diddsdidds Posts: 655
    Hi Kike - I am in the smae position as you (ie yet to do mu first tri) but I've read a lot and listened even more. For what its worth coming from a newbie too, I try to ensure I never set myelf up to fail. That being, I wouldn;t pick a first triathlon that would be too dificult to finish... so a sprint, or even a super sprint may be a sensible starting point. You'll know after that whether you can easily ramp it up to an oly, or whether you need to spend some time building an endurance base.

    Either way I figure you will know whether you like the idea and want to do more, or whether you've ticked that box in life but now its time for something else. So hand in hand with that goes the other advice in this thread about not spending any money until you are sure that you are in it for the long haul.

    If you can't fit a tri in this season, then use the winter as preperation - you will undoutedly stroll through yopur first sprint with 6 months training behind you :-)

    Finally as someone else suggested, TriUK are knocking out tri sets at a very cheap price (marked down; I would imagine the start of next season will see a price rise from their curent "sale" prices) if you really do need the gear now, or are convinced it is for you even if you won't need it until next year. However, TriUK is in Yeovil which a fair trog from East Anglia (where it sounds as if you live) - you could buy online but fitting is everythiung really, especially when you are talking bike, wetsuit, shoes, cycling shoes etc. You could end up spending a small fortune in return postage if the fits aren;t dead right. Better spend that money on a romantic getaway with the other half you mention doen to somerset :-) Double bubble :-) (Yeovil isn't very romantic itself, but the surrounding Dorset/Somerset countryside is).

    TriUK also have an endless pool for you to try your wetsuit out in which could be fun!

    whatever you do, good luck!


  • MikeLMikeL Posts: 7
    Cheers for the replys guys, I am definately aiming for a shorter distance first, just want to build to olympic distance rather than stay "shorter"... having not done it that plan may not survive but we'll see.

    Liking the idea of waiting and see... its helpful to be told to wait and try it first as I have a habit of just going for it with most things I do. I have a couple of mates who it turns out are thinking abut joining the same group at work so that should help.

    Oh and Didds im so happy she's not on this forum and spots that little holiday idea... might decide I've gone soft if I do that!! [:)] (Only joking, Im a lovely fella, honest!)
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