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Looking for additional swim advice! - did the team relay swim at London Tri and found the Open Water such an eye opener!! ; been a competitive pool swimmer (years ago) and training times since may this year have dropped to between 20 and 22 mins for 1500m)....long strokes, high elbow, v.comfortable....out in the dock, I stuttered to over 30 mins....I couldnt believe the difference - no rhythm, no fluidity. . .being a fairly strong swimmer I neglected practising in open water with wetsuit - a big mistake. What are the key stroke/breathing/technique changes in translating good pool times to open water???


  • gunforhiregunforhire Posts: 457
    you didn't mention the stampede![:-]

    nothing could have prepared me for 18 minutes of being hit by elbows and feet throughout the Sprint!

    at the start I had people climbing over the top of me. scarey.
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