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New Forks vs New Bike

A recurrent back problem has recently compelled me to have a more review of the bike fit. The somewhat predictable outcome is that my position on the bike is to agressive.

Aside from the obvious liberal stretching of hamstrings, the LBC suggested either replacing the fork and adding 5-10mm of spacers (to the existing 15mm) or to buy a new frame (recommending a Cervelo RS as it happens!)

Does any one have any experience of replacing the OEM fork with a new fork and adding 10mm of spacers? What effect does this have on the handling of the bike?


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    transittransit Posts: 163
    Runder, If the height (should be standard) and 'rake' of the forks are the same as the old ones the handling should be the same other than difference due to material e.g. carbon v alu etc. I don't think the 10mm of spacers will cause you to feel a difference in handling. I usually start the season with spacers above my bars and then move them below as I get a bit more flexible.

    What about a stem with a greater elevated angle than your current one? Unless you currently have a really steep angled stem then you should be able to get a steeper one and gain 10mm easily (unless this is already taken into consideration in your calcs above). If you have some cycling buddies you might be able to borrow a few stems to try - maybe even look at a longer/shorter layout depending on what is comfortable.

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