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Knee pain

Hiya All

On here for a bit of advice really. Since xmas been working hard to get my running distance longer as i am moving from Sprint to Olympic. Been going up distances every couple of weeks only a Km at a time (nice and slow to avoid injury). Running three times a week (sometimes two if i feel lazy).Am upto about an hour now for 8Km which i know is slow but running is not my thing. Felt fine last night all the way through until i stopped. I could barely move my knee due to the pain. The next morning my knee is swollen and have a pain down the outside on my knee joint. This is the second time its happened. It happened last week and i had a whole week off everything to sort it out. I normally run three times a week, swim twice and bike once or twice a week so i dont understand. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance guys (and girlies)


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    garyrobertsgaryroberts Posts: 869
    I'm no expert (as you know)

    i don't know if you have already but i would definitely get to your local (proper) running store, they should be able to video you running on a treadmill and will offer you shoe's that better support your running style.

    Hope this helps

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    Jack HughesJack Hughes Posts: 1,262
    Outside of the knee == runner's knee == IBT syndrome (iliotibial band)

    Google for that!

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    hbiker108hbiker108 Posts: 23
    Thanks people.

    After reading a book I thought it might be this but was hoping it wasnt.

    I had my gait checked in 2006 but will get it done again incase its changed (can it? I dont know). new shoes would be cheap compared to the limping around for two days at a time!!

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    Jack HughesJack Hughes Posts: 1,262
    Ranking of advice:

    #1 Professional diagnosis, based on first hand analysis of the evidence

    #2 Self Diagnosis, based on non professional, but first and analysis of the evidence

    #3 Some random person on the internet, having no idea of what is really going on in your knee, that probably doesn't have any professional qualifications.

    So, really, get a professional to have a look. But easing off a bit, and doing some strengthening exercises, stretching etc. isn't going to do any harm. Probably.

    Good luck!
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