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new road bike choice Ribble or PlanetX

Hi all,

I am looking for a general road bike. Not tri specific. Good for all uses.

I have a budget of £1K and I have narrowed my choice to:

a) the Ribble Nero Corsa with Ultegra


b) the Planet X SL Pro Carbon with a mix of Dura Ace & other stuff.

I have been to Ribble & liked what I have seen and there appears to be a lot more comment

on the web on the Nero Corsa. The frame also appears to be in wide general use.

The Planet X looks more bling but almost looks to good to be true with the Dura Ace stuff on.

I have not been over to Doncaster and would before I made that choice.

I am sure both would be stonkingly good bikes.

I think my deciding factor would be on the relative quality of the frames.

Any thoughts?


  • hI billcomer

    Just got a Planet X SL Carbon Pro and I'm very happy with it, giving it's comp debut this weekend, I considered the Ribble my self but after seeing the Planet X that was it, the only trouble with the bike is the engine

    Hope you find what you want
  • treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    Go for Planet X. Ribble are a crap company
  • Wassup with Ribble then? Is the company crap to deal with, or is it the product?

    Also, I tried to spec up their Nero Corsa on their site using Ultegra and couldn't get the price down to £1000.

    I think they use Dedaccai carbon frames... are these OK (I've read that they are ok for the money)? The reason I ask is that I've ordered a Dolan Mythos (Ultegra = £1000 exactly) and I think that uses the same frame.

    You've got me worried now.... [&:]
  • The Dedaccai nero Corsa appears to be used by quite a few companies including the Kona zing deluxe.

    Perhaps that is comment enough that it is a good frame

    There are plenty of reviews including on bike radar which all sing its praises.

    There are plenty of comments on forums with praise for the Planet X but there appears to be no official reviews.

  • Bopo,

    Just realised your other comment on the ribble price.

    You wuill not get the same price from the Bike builder you need to go to http://www.ribblecycles.co.uk/SpecialEditionBikes.asp

    to get the fully built deals.

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