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Do I have the right kit??


Got confirmation that of a cancellation so my first tri is on the 28th March. Been training most of winter so got a decent base under my belt.

Feel my swimming could be better but as its only a 750m swim I'm not to worried. Since getting the turbo my bike is much improved and my running is ok. Not expecting much, just want to enjoy myself.

Here's the thing. Am I missing anything in terms of kit?

Got the road bike, with clip on zipp aero's (gettng new wheels and tyres next week). Got the helmet, clip-on shoes, gloves etc.

Got running shoes, shorts t-shirt......ah here is my problem.... tri-suit.... I've not invested in one. Are there much benefits of one and is it justified for my first tri? I'm gearing up for London Tri so I know I'm going to need to spend but I was thinking more of a decent set of pool shorts or something but then I have my own cycle shorts with chamois cushioning and if I go down the road of pool shorts then I won't have this......advice!!!!!

Also, as its two weeks to my tri I wanted to up the ante' a little for this week and some of next. I've been doing my brick sessions but what else may be beneficial to me????

Can't wait!!!


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    treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    Tri suit either one piece or two piece are good for 2 reasons

    1. they are tailored for triathlon - pockets, wicking textile, fast dry, comfort

    2. you feel better for wearing one, its like a statement of intent and an identity badge of pride

    you probably just be as fast wearing a cycling top/ bottoms or running kit or a mixture of both

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    GGBGGB Posts: 482
    Do you cycle in cycling shorts ? - If so have you ever tried swimming in them ? I would think that the padded area may get rather uncomfortable on the bike ride after - this is where tri shorts or tri suit comes in - the padding is much thinner and, I beleive, dries quicker therefore giving you more comfort on the bike. (Running could be even worse).

    I recently purchased Tri shorts from the Brtish triathlon site for £10 a pair - used them in my recent duathlon and worked a treat :D ... not tried swimming in them yet, but that is what they are designed for.

    Beneficial for the next week or so - Transition practise - make sure you know what you need at each transition and practise the transitions. Again I don't have much experience but have learnt from just my one event that the transition will loose you time if your not prepares ... even when you think you are.

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    BopomofoBopomofo Posts: 980
    Hi Shadow,

    It's your first tri. Be prepared to make many mistakes. You might even learn from some of them.

    To take it back to basics: Think about what you are doing - a swim, then bike, then run. What will you swim in? Is is OK to ride a bike in afterwards? For example, for my first tri I swam in skimpy speedos, but mindful of having to cycle in them afterwards I slapped a load of vaseline on the seams.

    What I'm trying to say is that what works for others might not work for you, either for your comfort, you budget, your timescales or whatever.

    (Sorry, you seem very well prepped but there are a lot more newbies out there who are hoping to have the perfect race for their first tri and will be sorely let down)

    Anyway, sermon over. Let's follow my advice above: what are you swimming in? If cycling shorts, then have you actually tried this yet? Have you tried cycling in wet shorts? If you get a tri suit will you have time to swim in it and cycle in it WET before the event? Don't try new kit out on the day. You'll need to go through this to see where to apply the body glide.

    Assuming you get out of the pool without your chamois swelling up and drowning you, or getting a fatal case of chapped groin you're now in T1. Are your shoes on the floor or already attached to your bike? Have you tried getting wet feet into them before? Do you REALLY need cycling gloves for the distance you are doing? Will you put socks on or go barefoot inside your cycle shoes? Do you need talc to help get them on? Do you have a race belt, or are your wearing swimming shorts then putting a t-shirt on so you have your number pinned to it already? Have you tried putting a dry t-shirt onto a wet body?

    Out on the bike will you need food for your distance (unlikely for less than OD, but a beginner may feel better having some jelly babies and lucozade to hand)? Do you carry a spare tube or puncture kit? Have you .....

    Oh bloody hell, I'm boring myself now! There's simply no way you're going to optimise this lot without actually trying it. Just go out there, have fun, make some mistakes and then do it all again and again and again and again...... [:D]

    Any of the more experienced forumites (not necessarily quickest, just done a few races) fancy collaborating on a Newbies Guide? We can try to get the admins to put it as a sticky post then block comments so it can just sit there. If it is a success we can then let treefrog write a 'What is the best bike for £x' guide too.
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    BlurredgirlBlurredgirl Posts: 292
    I did my first ever tri in tri shorts and a swim top - but I was uncomfortable; both garments weren't quite right for all the disciplines. I bought a cheap tri suit for the rest of the season and problem solved. If it's chilly for the bike you could sling on a jersey or a base layer, but I found I was just right for the rest of the season in a tri suit.

    Won't let my mates see me in it close-up though.

    A newbie guide = excellent idea. I would have really appreciated that last year. Go for it.

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    MowfMowf Posts: 272
    I did my first tri in a pair of Nike Pro undershorts and a surfing rash vest... For my first triathlon, it was fine. But if you are planning on doing more I would say get a tri-suit. As Treefrog says, it actually makes you feel like a 'triathlete'.

    My one tip - if you do get a tri-suit, dont put it on too early. They are a pain to p$£% in.
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