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brick training

daft question but I see lots of folk refering to brick training.... can someone explain what this involves/ is???/?



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    BopomofoBopomofo Posts: 980
    One exercise followed immediately by another, sometimes repeatedly. Most often refers to cycling followed by running, which anybody who has done a tri will tell you is the cause of lots of pain and anguish.

    Basically, when you get off the bike your big leg muscles like your thigh and glutes are all pumped up and angry, and for running they need to be all stretchy and light.

    The transition from one to the other is something you need to be prepared for, otherwise you will hurt yourself.

    I hadn't even tried a brick session when I did my first ever tri. I just got off my bike and ran for the first time in the event. I thought I was going to die.

    At any tri you will see the people who didn't practice bricks doing the 'Triathlon Strut', where you run like you have needles in your shoes and you've just done a day in the saddle on an extremely wide horse. Heck, we all do this to some extent no matter how many bricks you do, but you do need to be prepared.

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    PeterPeter Posts: 6
    I felt this at the gym this morning (although ignorant to what it was), did 5k on the bike and moved straight onto the treadmill just to get used to the transition of one to another quickly, my legs didnt half feel wierd and tense at first.

    Will be giving it some practice from now on thoguh, Id also ben wondering about "Brick Sessions"

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    BlinkybazBlinkybaz Posts: 1,144

    I'm new to thie Tri thing, I have been reading about Brick Training alot since joining the forum and make it a must every week. I havent raced yet and am building up slowly but I highly recommend a Brick session when you can. it is more effective to do them in the great outdoors but in the gym aint a bad place.

    I admit to falling over twice on my first session.

    Like Bopomofo said its the muscles you need are not ready when you need them. Cycling seems to let the running muscle sleep so a big wake up call for them after the ride is not the best thing. I have read that some althetes stand to ride the last 500 yards to stretch the muscles out before the run (not sure if this helps?)

    I am no expert by far! But really enjoy the whole training thing!!!
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    PeterPeter Posts: 6
    So I went to the gym again this morning to give it a go (I havent got a bike so gym is the only place at present).

    Cycled 3k then ran 1k.

    Did this 3 times, gradually lighteneing the resistance. I know I should've increased the resistance but I'm only a Learner lol.

    After the 3 rotations of the above, to say I was nkackered was an understatement. I've cycled furtehr than 9k on numerous occasions and ran a lot further than 3k but switching between the 2 rapidly and without rest was an eye opener.

    I think I'm going to enjoy this triathlon malarky! [:D]
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