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OD Training

shadowone1shadowone1 Posts: 1,408
Afternoon all.

Having signed up for my first OD ( ‘A’ Race - Strathclyde) I am now stepping up the training to help me get a better level of fitness for it.

My aim is to get in at least one 10/15k runs a week and a long distance cycle ride (50/60k) focusing on attacking hills/ cadence etc

Swimming wise, well apart from getting experience in OW I’m a pretty assured swimmer. I’m set up over the next few weeks to get hammered into the OW training as well.

However I was wondering what others do in terms of how they stepped up from Sprint to OD and what they do training wise at OD level. Currently I do one or two bricks a week with at least one of them coming from the interval training on the turbo. 2 x 20/30k cycle and into a 8-10k run. Swimming consists of a mix of drills and long swim sessions.

Apart from the running I seem to be getting there but would appreciate some advice on how to step up to OD level? I will be looking to compete in two OD’s if poss this year.

I am looking to do a cycle round a little island called Arran, which a lovely little place on the west coast of Scotland. It has a few technical routes which I’m aiming to use as a base of hill training, but other than that I’m out of ideas!! I need to develop a better and more structured training plan.


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    See you there at strathy!

    No advice unfortunately, im just going to wing it. My first OD too.

    Theres a lot of tough routes up near where I came from (Kinlochleven/Glencoe), Ill have to look into arran.

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    shadowone1shadowone1 Posts: 1,408
    Arran has three routes. North Circular, South Circular and the comination of the both. the last route is 72miles approx the other two are 56miles.

    It says on the web-site that 56miles is relatively technical and will take 5-6hours so it must be hardish. Still even if its not, it does have some cracking scenery and it must be worth a pedal round.
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