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1/2 Marathon Pains

Hi all,

I did the Paddock Wood half marathon last weekends (great event) but ended up in rather a lot of pain.

I seem to be getting 2 problems

1) Serious cramp in my calfs - this first happened last year at the London Tri during the Bike when my left calf cramped up. It has then happened a couple of times whilst doing runs towards the end and culminated last weekend with both calves going into spasm after the race - they still feel brused

Can anyone suggest why this might be happening and methods of prevention

2) Very painful ball of my foot. Again this happened first off in the Greenwich Half last year and I thoigh it was just my old trainers. Went and bought some new ones which have done me fine so far this year, but the some thing happened again at the weekend. Its like pressure points building up on the pad of my left foot.

Again any ideas would be gatefully recieved

Thanks Jase


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    MGMG Posts: 470
    Any advice you'll get from this forum (no offence anyone....) will be speculation. Get yourself to a physio pronto!!!!!!!!!
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    Jack HughesJack Hughes Posts: 1,262
    [Agree with the phyiso recommendation]

    Point 1. Short term: Get some compression socks (e.g. 1000 mile). Look a bit odd, but work wonders. Longer Term: Get in the gym and target exercises on the calves. Leg raises, lunges with weights etc. Also work on the hamstrings - strengthening and stretching - these are quite often coupled with calf issues.

    Point 2. Make sure the box in your shoe is nice and wide. Your feet swell when you heat up during a run, together with the impact spreading your foot - so it needs to feel quite loose when you try them on. Also, make sure your socks are not too tight.
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