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advice needed for beginner! wetsuits!

hi everyone! im doing my first sprint distance triathlon at blenheim palace this year....id like to buy a wetsuit rather than hire one as im planning on carrying on with triathlons, and so figured itd be worth the money....

can anyone advise on a good wetsuit to buy - there are so many makes im not sure where to start - orca seems popular? which type tho? also, people say that if youve got a swimming background (which i have) you should spend a little more to get more flexibility?? price wise, im open to suggestions....but i guess max £150 - can i get a decent one for this price? or should i be considering hiring until i can afford a better one?

thanks for your help!


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    jon_gjon_g Posts: 318
    Buy this months 220 magazine, they've got a review on entry level wetsuits, most within your budget. and they're all better than my wetsuit[:(]
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    grant1974grant1974 Posts: 262
    I was going to say that! Seriously consider Snugg (Which is recommended in this months 220), I don't personal own one, but I brought a ex-rental which obviously didn't fit properly. I found Snugg, entered all my measurements into there site, they took my suit apart, cut it to size, stuck it back together. All for £20, what an amazing service, I can't afford a new suit at present, but at the end of this season I plan to go back to them for a brand new suit.

    Plus there a British company, support local industry in my opinion, especially when they are as good as Snugg.
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    chischis Posts: 94
    Hi Nikki

    I bought my first wetsuit last year - an Orca Sonar - not the lowest priced Orca (which I think is the Eqip - formerly the Evo) but it is the next one up at around 150 - 190 pounds depending on where you get it. Sometimes you can get hold of the last years model of a suit which in the case of the Sonar is exactly the same as the 2008 version except for minor colour changes only the 2007 version will be cheaper. I have found the Sonar to be great as a starter suit and the fit is really good. I used the Orca fitting chart to decide which to buy but had used an Orca suit on hire beforehand so I knew that the size I bought was correct.

    Whatever you decide, see if you can try a wetsuit of the brand you would like to buy before you lay out the cash - trying a suit on in a shop is the very least you should do before you buy, even if you dont intend to get it from there.

    Some of the guys from my tri-club visited Total Fitness Nottingham to buy their suits and they were excellent so I hear - I got mine from them by mail order - no problems.

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