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What to wear??

Alright All,

I am new to this triathlon stuff and have entered my 1st triathlon sprint - Blenheim on 7th June. Aside from training and stuff i have been looking into what to wear for the race??

Should i look into getting an all in one tri suit to minimise messing about during transitions and if so what do peolpe recommend please?

Thanks... Chris [8|]


  • BoycieBoycie Posts: 189
    I would recommend you get either a 1 or 2 piece tri suit for racing. Which one of these you go for is totally down to personal preferrence but I would say most people would go with the 1 piece. There is no need to spend silly money on one, all the major makes (Orca, 2XU, Zoot etc) will have a range of entry level up to elite tri suits. Either go to your nearest tri shop or look at some of the online shops and see which suits you.

  • Nice 1 thanks David I will go and check some out.

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