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Polar equipment

Oh and one more thing, the Polar info i found says i can use the same chest strap for the watch and speedo, anyone had a problem with this, just concerned cause it is supposed to be coded and i would have thought that meant it would link to just one device?



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    timtim Posts: 43
    Hey all

    another question for the ever helpful 220 community (sucking up i know)

    I have a Polar HRM RS200 and would like to extend its usefulness to the bike, to this end i was thinking of getting the CS200cad (and the footpod for my running which i dont currently have)

    I have seen the Garmin Forerunner 50 (with all that i need) cheaper than buying these two options, does anyone have any experience with the Polar CS200 (with Candence), the footpod and the Garmin FR50 and could offer up some advice. can't decide whether to change my watch or stick with the polar and pay that little extra

    Wiggle is my usual site for purchases but i have found the Polar products much cheaper on the following website, if any of you are in the market i would have a look on this site. not bought anything from there yet so cant comment on their service (wiggles being second to none)


    once again (sucking up again) thanks for your help


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    Hi Tim

    Yes I have both or rather the RS200 (with footpod) and CS100CAD and yes they work fine together. I got mine in 06 from wiggle when I started training for my first Ironman (NZ07). Then the CS100CAD didn't come with a chest strap for HR but now both units do, it would just mean you have a spare.

    See the following link to a rescent thread I contributed to:


    I would also point out that apart from not having the ability to link up to your PC the CS100CAD will do everything else that the CS200CAD does for £20 less. Also additional speed (inc 2nd bar mount for head unit) & cadence sensors are available so it can be used on more than one bike.


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    jjf99jjf99 Posts: 5
    Hi Tim,

    You say the Garmin Forerunner 50 has all you need...Does that mean that its optional bike parts include an additional monitor for on the handlebars, so that you don't have to strap the watch onto the bars after the swim and take it off before the run?

    I get the impression the bike part is only the sensor which transmits to the one watch. Even if that's the case though, I could solve my 'integrated equipment' problem by getting a second Forerunner for £50; probably much cheaper than having a separate run and bike compu.
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    timtim Posts: 43
    Paul, thanks for the info, i think i had come to the conclusion that adding to my Polar watch is the best thing to do. and if that is the only difference between the 100 and 200 then any savings a goodun. I do really like my watch for ease of use and features so it would be a shame to switch.

    JJF99, the forerunner 50 bike bits do not come with a second display (from what i have seen) so i would expect that you would wear the watch throughout, appreciate on the bike this is not ideal, you have a good solution by buying a second one but then if you are going to do that it may be better to go polar as there are many more features on the the CS and RS seperates than on the forerunner 50 package

    has anyone found any other options to what seems to be a more common dilemma than i thought?

    Paul, off my topic now but any thoughts on training for an IM, i started tri last year (london olympic) and have done 3 olympics this year, wanting to step up for next years IMUK do you have any advice, things somone would not think about in the training/run up/race itself. i've read up lots but that is no substitution for experience...



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    timtim Posts: 43
    As a believer in commending good service and vice versa i thought i would provide some views on http://www.phd-fitness.co.uk

    I ordered my HRM from there a month ago, after two weeks i had heard nothing, no email, call, missed delivery note or delivery, so i called to see what was happning, phd said delivery had been attempted twice, still i thought i would go and get the goods and asked for the depot number and address (this took via email 5days to come) i contracted interlink and arranged to pick it up on saturday just gone, after a 30mile drive i arrived to discover the goods had been returned, since i have sent emails and called phd who agreed they had received it back, and wanted an additional £5.50 for redelivery, at which point i exploded, after lots of talking this was waived and new delivery was arranged for tomorrow at my work address.... we shall see...

    now i appreciate that i could have avoided this by giving my work address first time, however no other company has failed to contact me if there is difficulty delivering to my address, so the moral be careful when ordering from phd, if you are used to wiggles customer service be aware that not all companies are as good.
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