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anyone dont this event before? in a couple of weeks it will be my first at the down south one, i am expecting it to be a little like Tough Guy, muddy, wet and cold and therefore am intending to wear small amounts of water repelling kit. and suffer the cold till i warm up through running.

if anyone has any advice it would be most welcome,



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    BlinkybazBlinkybaz Posts: 1,144
    Hey tim

    I have'nt done it but; Wow I have just checked it out on the web and will be there next year!

    Have you done this sort of race before? I have done the commando challenge and the black death run and found them to be excellent! This looks to be the best organised by far that I have seen.

    I have chucked my kit away after the muddy madness that is the commando challenge. My biggest tip is to make sire that your shoes are done up tight and cant get sucked off by the mud, that stuff is sticky. Make sure you dont wipe your face until you have found some clanish water to get the muddy stuff off your hands (believe me its hard to resist the temptation but the rubbish that your smear all over your face is not worth it).

    Good luck and enjoy.
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    timtim Posts: 43
    I did Tough Guy in Wolverhampton in January (doing that again next yr!) I am guessing it is going to be similar to that, commando challenge looks interesting I had no idea there were so many organised mudbaths around.

    Shoes tied tight, check, thanks for the tip

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