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Triathlon in the Rain!

It would appear this weekend’s London Triathlon will be accompanied by the rain!

This is my first Tri and wondered if there were any tips for competing in the rain, especially the cycle stage.

Any advice would be appreciated.



  • djtvdjtv Posts: 28
    Transition is the biggest problem in the rain as all your kit could get wet prior to use but there should be no major worries at London as I think Transition is indoors so no rain!

    I guess it is then a matter of being careful on the cornering on the bike and make sure you have clear glasses on so you do not get spray in your eyes. But then again - according to the rules you have to over be 7 metres away from the bike in front anyway or you will be busted for drafting [;)]

    You might get wet during the swim though!

  • Thanks very much!

    Indeed you're right - 2 minute penalty for drafting!

    Corning is a little worrying as I do not want to come off my bike!! Would it be worth reducing the PSI in the tyres??

  • djtvdjtv Posts: 28
    If you are in the Sprint distance then there not too many bends, although the roundabouts may be a bit tight and the two full turns will need to be carefully negotiated.

    I would definately not reduce the pressure on the tyres, this will slow you down a lot and I believe increase the chance of sliding off.

    I just deferred my entry until next year as I did not fancy my 3rd consecutive wet Tri.

    Good luck.
  • People often say reducing it to 115 rather than 120 for the wet as a minor adjustment. Still, depending on when you pump them up last they will lose that easily overnight if you are racking them there Saturday and don't pump them up again Sunday.

    The trick is (from a point of view of very little experience!) don't risk it on the corners, 1second speed gain per corner is not worth the risk of coming off and ending your race - specially not if you are just aiming to complete it as opposed to winning it!
  • Thanks again for your advice. I think pumping them up the night before rather than on the day will probably be wise.

    I'll certainly negotiate all corners carefully as you suggest djtv!

  • agree with Jack re: cornering.

    Only other thing I find about riding in the wet is you are much more likely to puncture (as the wet tyres pick up flint/grit etc from the road more easily). Dunno what tyres you have on but hopefully they have some protection and are in good nick (if not, you might want to get some new ones). Also make sure you take spare tube(s) and pump just in case.

  • A very good point!

  • BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    Be aware of the temperature..if it is humid rain will cool you & you may not feel so much like drinking..but you still need to, if it is cool avoid getting too cold on the bike, maybe an extra layer & still drink.
  • Britspin

    Any advice for tomorrows weather!

    I get hot easily and am not sure whether to wear a layer over my tri suit for the cycle. The last thing I want to do is get too hot when on the bike, but is it better to be too hot then too cold??
  • BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    personally..easier to warm up than get cool, so I would stick with your tri suit..& pedal like.....
  • Britspin - I did exactly that! Didn't feel cold at all, just wet! Nasty conditions...

    Thanks everyone for your advice!
  • Paulie - no need to reduce your psi. The London tri is probably the straightest olympic tri in the world - a maximum of 5 turns in 40km, and the roads are closed and wide, so there is no difference to make to a dry course. Also don't worry about cold - it'll be hot. Wear a tri suit and nothing else - any more and you'll suffer. Good luck


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