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forefoot striking?

Does anybody have a definitive opinion on the need (or not) to use forefoot striking when running as opposed to heel first strike. I strike very lightly heel first and roll instantly onto forefoot with my feet pretty much underneath my hips as I land. I've read lots of advice that this is perfectly efficient as long as I don't strike too far out in front. But I've read lots of other advice saying that the ONE and ONLY way to run efficiently is to do whatever it takes to change to a mid to forefoot strike even if it hurts to start with. So . . . is it a case of 'each to their own' or should I try to change the way I run?


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    TommiTriTommiTri Posts: 879
    You're right mate, all current evidence points towards increased mid foot striking as the way to go to increase efficiency and speed. As you have mentioned the key to all of this is where your foot strikes in relation to your body, with the aim being not to strike too far out in front, approximately striking in a vertical line with the head.

    I am a little confused though, as you say you are heal striking but you aren't reaching out in front which would be very difficult to do as you would need to reach forward to the leg in order to strike with the heal first if you get me?

    Its not really forefoot striking as this would put a lot of strain on the calves, you want to be aiming for mid foot striking, which is kind of like landing on the whole foot, this will allow you to strike more under your body.

    The reason for the move from heel striking is because this method requires the reach forward with the leg, which provides an initial phase of deceleration as the heal strikes, followed by a phase of acceleration as you push off.

    If you have a chance have a look at the principles of the pose method, which is designed to reduce the deceleration phase, so increasing efficiency.

    Sorry thats all a bit of a jumble! But remember that changing your running style is going to take a while to pick up, but it will be well worth it in the end!
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    julesojuleso Posts: 279
    Bear in mind that should you choose to try a different style, it will take a while to change! I started the switch to a more 'Pose' style of running in June, and it has been a bit of a mission - my calves were killing me at first - they just weren't used to acting as a shock absorber. So do be prepared for that (should you wish to try it). I walked funny for days. And I'm still really not there!

    By the way - surely if you're going to try something new, this is a good time of year to do it.
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    NobzNobz Posts: 22
    Really interesting reading for me this (plus a few youtube vids), suppose I'm showing my being a complete running novice but I'd never heard of this theory. Funny really as this is pretty much my standard style of running - I've always played backetball which is very much on the toes and short sprints - but when going for an 'actual run' I feel the need to change my style to what I thought was a more usual heel first strike.

    Going to be interesting to try this next time out, I might find it makes an instant improvement!

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