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Hi all, Im new to this site & am training for my 1st sprint Tri (220 Stratford in May). I am looking for some advise on training programmes, there seems to be alot of different plans out there but wonder if anyone can recommend one! My fitness level is good, I use to swim for my local borough when i was younger so im a strong swimmer. I have done a few 5km runs, a 10 km & a 1/2 marathon. I do need to work on my cycling, (have recently brought a turbo trainer!)

Hope you can help!


  • jammyjammy Posts: 1

    I use a book called Training Plans for Multisport Athletes by Gale Bernhardt. The book has a number of plans for sprints, olympic, 1/2 and full Ironman plus duathlons and xterra. I then put the details onto a free website training programme called TriBlogs www.triblogs.com. You can load all you info on, plus your races, monitor your progress and print it off. I'm on it all the time and am becoming a nerd but who cares.

    There are other books etc available check 220 Tri.
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