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Bala 2009

Hi everyone

So for my first season I've signed up for 3 sprints (Eton, Windsor and London) in 2009, but thinking of taking the plunge and signing up for my first Olympic.

Live in London but have family in Wrexham so was thinking of signing up for Bala. Is this a good olympic to start with? Anyone out there done it and loved it/hated it?

Want to make sure I finish more than anything (not worried about time.... yet), but worried there may be too many hills!

Thanks everyone, your advice is much appreciated.


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    wyno70wyno70 Posts: 189
    I did Bala last year Dave. It's a very well run event and will have a high quality field. I assume you are talking about the Olmypic rather than the middle distance.

    I did the Olympic. On the day that I did it, the swim was horrendous, there was a stiff wind ripping straight down the lake, which had resulted in an 18" swell which you had to swim straight into. Kinda interesting, turning across it for about 100m and then the swim back into shore was also 'testing' as sighting was very difficult, i.e. you had to sight when you were on the crest of the swell !!! I heard people complaining after London this year but that was a walk int he park compared to this. I have seen pictures of it on a calm day and it was like a mill pond, so completely dependant on whether there is a wind or not. The day I did it, I think they said the wind was 25mph, so it was kinda 'blustery'.

    The bike, surprisingly, is fairly flat, with no testing hills. Mainly because for a large part of it, you follow the shore of the lake. It's an out and back course. Out was into the wind, tough, back was with it and very quick. It is noted a bring a quick bike course.

    The run......hehehe. First 0.75km, along the shore, so dead flat, then next probably 0.75km up a VERY big and steep hill. Plenty of people were stopping and walking (they were in front of me, I finished in 2hours 40mins). This hill is notorious, check out some reviews. Once you are up and over the top, it's very pleasant and the last mile is quick as it's down the hill and along the shore and you can see the finish from the top of the hill.

    All in all, it's a great event, set amongst some stunning scenery. The swim could be testing if it's windy, the bike is relatively easy and the first bit of the run is tough.

    I'd definately recommend it and plan to go back at some stage int he future.
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    Nice one, thanks for your reply.

    And yes, definitley not middle distance... yet. Reckon you've just about made my mind up, fingers crossed for a non-windy day...

    Guess there's nothing left to do now but sign up. If you see a slightly overweight guy with a shaved head walking up that hill, it'll probably be me!
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    wyno70wyno70 Posts: 189
    I did much the same as you Dave, as I was born and bred in Shropshire and spent alot of time in North Wales as a kid, now live in Essex. As such, it really appealed to me and I'm really glad I did it.

    It was tough the day I did it because of the wind but it really is a beautiful setting and a good atmosphere as well as being a very well run triathlon.

    Without the wind, it would have been even better, having said that, the 'waves' made it a bit special as it really was tough! Certainly one to be proud of finishing.
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