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Removed by Dave C - apologies that this was deemed spam.

Ok folks some mix up there with abbreviations and misunderstandings but thanks to Benny below for the courteous mails etc and mails swapped subsequently.

Original message was to advise folks to have a try of Swim Log - started out as a Software logging package for comp swimmers but has grown over the years and now has logging in for triathlon training. Simple to use and new features get added. Worth a look and there's a free trial. http://www.swim-log.co.uk

There is a vested interest here as I'm one of the developers but I think putting this in the For Sale section would seem fair. Happy to advised if not.

Dave C - trying to get going again after Sherbourne IM [8|]


  • bennybenny Posts: 1,314
  • bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    Hey DaveC,

    I didn't mean this post is spam.

    AllI wanted to do was moving the nikegoogle post of the forum homepage and put yours back on there as it was supposed to be, not that stupid fake shoe scam.

    The last post per forum is always on the homepage,so I wanted to move Nikeetc.

    You're pollitely invited to put your post back here,

    we all can see you're no spammer,you post other stuff here.
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