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Managed to fall over going to work. Hadn't actually got on the bike, just pushed it to where the drive meets the pavement. Just thinking "hmm looks a bit icy today" and bang I am on the floor. Bike seems OK except the new bike computer is no longer working (will get it checdked though just in case). My back's aching a bit now, fingers crossed it seems fairly minor.

Take care out there folks!


  • julesojuleso Posts: 279
    Poor you - not a good way to start the new working year! More aches and pains!

    I got my bike out this morning, tested the road surface, seemed OK, then realised I had a puncture; therefore missed my swim and had to walk to work. I'm thinking that things can only get better...
  • bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    Sounds like both out of luck today[&:].

    @jules: sounds silly, but check the magnet on your wheelspokes. Might have changed place cause of the fall. Also check the computer itself; get it of, clean the contact points and place it back.

    I once rode a race with a bike computer that broke just that day. Only to notice afterwards that the thingie wasn't fully clipped in.[&o]

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