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Maintaining Training Volume with Mainly Running

Being very lucky (i.e. persuaded g/f triathlon is ideal for her too!![:)]), I have lots of hours a week to train. I currently cycle the most, maybe 10hrs, swim second 4hrs, other stuff 3hrs, run 2hrs.

I've steered clear of running for a number of years due to injury. I seem to have resolved these issues but still limit myself to running every other day at most. My running is currently my weakest but generally I am pretty much balanced in all three sports.

My question is, I need to do alot more running, which when I do is going to mean I am going to be tired for some of the biking. Therefore, my biking volume is either going to have to drop or the intensity will have to drop. Any thoughts? Is it worth maintaining volume at low intensity as I think I might just be wasting my time.


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    Hi transit ive had a similar problem (before I got into tri at which Im really really novice). Have always swam, ran and cylced. I pulled both achilles, one from running the other from cycling and had to reduce running dramatically - it was easier to cycle and for a period almost totally stopped running bar once a week just to have a light jog. Now my injury issue is pretty much resolved (touch wood) I have started to up the running intensity and I have to say I think it's so important to keep the regularity and volume there.

    I am so much fitter than when I was almost purely cycling and swimming and to boot, my cycling seems to benefit. Im a lot stronger on the bike when I have a good running fitness. Other reason I think it's important is that when I drop in volume (intensity seems irrelevant when I dont have the volume) my running fitness plummets far more quickly than my cycling fitness. i don't know if anyone else finds the same?

    Sorry if Ive rambled! [:)]
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    transittransit Posts: 163
    Yeah, sounds very similar. Think you're right, I should focus on intensity and quality of run and not worry too much about cycle.

    I think I wouldn't have been so bothered if I'd had a full year training programme but I started a bit late and am still in base training although the main event is in Sept so probably not a bad thing.
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    ardkeenardkeen Posts: 152
    Interesting post as most people struggle with time. I would say you are not using your time efficiently. One question: are you posting great times, if not ask yourself why ? It isn't lack of training. My tip is, you are obvioulsy serious about tri, get yourself an online coach and use their knowledge to improve your quality of training.
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    Thats like me for one reason or another I always end up having too little time to do the training I want before the event. I think though I'm definitely resigned to concentrating on the run, even though it is harder. It makes no sense to me to focus my efforts on swimming and cycling when I know I can already do both of these to a pretty good level - obviously I still do them to maintain this but I dont get too worried about them. got to pull up my weakest event.
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