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FAO: The Swimming Brick & maybe other US ironmen


I saw in another post that you're in the IM in Idaho. I did a bit of research about the US IM a while ago and got confused about how to gain entry. It seemed they were really popular. Did you enter via Active.com or did you go there and enter on the day? I quite fancy doing one in the US but wondering how easy it is to get in?




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    Yes I did register via active.com.

    They do sell out very quickly. I you just have to be logged on ready when the entries open and keep trying until you finally get through and register. because of the high volume of hits to the site, it took a good half hour to finally register.

    Make sure that you get the right time zone,- Pacific standard time, not the time zone of the race. I wasted a whole hour working on US Mountain time!

    Good luck, Colin

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    transittransit Posts: 163
    Cheers Colin, Will look into it
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