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well, I wouldn;t count myself as an experienced guy, but have dwelt on these and similar boards for the best part of a year if that's any help :-)

I think the REAL questions to ask (and somebody who knows better will undoubtedly be along to say I'm wrong of course :-) are

1) what are your GOALS wrt the triathlons you enter? e.g. to finish? To PB in one/some/all the disciplines? To podium for AG?

2) what weekly hours WERE you managing last year (when you did sprints)

3) what weekly hours CAN you do now?

4) how do those hours (as in time of day available to you etc) in 3) above fit in with availability of pool and (to a lesser extent, unless you live in a very very rough inner city area with lots of street crime) the track?

5) what are your limiters? ie what's the weskest discipline (if you are like me it all three!)

Once you have those answers, I am sure you could see your way to making the plan you need... and preumsin you have some endurance built up in the time you have trained so far, I wouldn't discount an attempt at an olympic distance if your goals don;t include podium-ing.

For example, beginnertrialthlete.com has a 2 x discpline 16 week plan for an oly distance that requires between 4 and 8 hours a week (depending on the periodisation within it) assuming you already have a minimum base of 40min swim, 40min run and 80min bike.

Min Bike: 35m (duration) / Max Bike: 2h 35m (duration)

Min Run: 17m (duration) / Max Run: 1h 17m (duration)

Min Swim: 17m (duration) / Max Swim: 1h 17m (duration)

8 hours a week (and that's the longest weeks remember) is "only" just over an hour a day - and I am guessing that in that 8 hours that wouold include one if not all of those max times above... so an 8 hour week could be a 2:35 bike leaving 5:25 for the other 6 days.

I reckon you could still do that Oly. Unless possibly if you are solely interested in challenging for a podium spot maybe.




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    Okay, so the missus is pregnant, it'll be my fourth.

    In the past I've done marathons, and been a personal trainer, however, training now has to be centred around young family life.

    I started doing triathlon last year, (did sprint) and hoped to build up to Olympic distance, however, I think thats changed a little.

    Due to work and family time constrains, it seems like sprints for the next couple of years. (

    I can train Monday to Friday and fit in a sunday run.

    I have a pool and running track, 10mins from my front door

    I have a gym at home, using spin bikes, versaclimber, free weights and a new TRX (a great thing for older guys!!)

    I also cycle to work on a daily basis. (15miles total)

    I'd really appreciate if some of you experienced guys can throw me some sample training plans that I can use year round. Ideally I can see me having three pool and three run sessions every week.
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    Unless possibly if you are solely interested in challenging for a podium spot maybe.

    Jeez, I'd be happy to be a respectable age grouper!!

    Thanks for your detailed answer, you've given me plenty think and plan through.

    I'll definately have a think so see if I can schedule in an OD schedule, which will stand me in good stead anyway.
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    diddsdidds Posts: 655
    hi skinnybuddah... just to summarise really following your reply, I'd say that if you are looking to finish, but as well as you possibly can, and you can find up to 8 hours a week to train then I reckon your Oly dreams are very much still "on" - at least based on a 16 week traiing plan from beginnertriathlete.com :-).

    If you don;t have 16 weeks to go to fit one in this season (you;d be looking at a september Oly then... ??) then you might well find that your current levels could actually start you in week 4 or 5 or whatever... I seem to recall readingf that you can juimp into these plans at the week before where you wold feel comfortable right now.

    Failing that, sprint the rest of 2009, and set yourself an Oly early 2010.

    You CAN do it :-)


    ps during summer at least Sunday mornig rides can be esily done leaving the house at 6 am, back for 9 am before ther family are really up and about :-) Though if your kids are that young they've probably been up since 4.30 when Mr Sunshine stuck his head around the curtain!



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    Many thanks didds, I've had a look at the oly plan, I figure I can get by on the x2 balanced plan quite nicely and that'll leave room for a couple of strength training sessions every week as well.

    Since I start work at 11am, I can train pretty much from 8.15am until 10.30 every day, (including a cycle to work commute)

    I'd love the luxury of a really early start to a workout on a sunday, however with one at 17months and another due in September, I've got to be fair and reasonable to the missus, so the schedule you've given an example of shows a longish run on sunday which is fine, meaning I can do my rides Mon - Friday, with the luxury of being able to start training as early as I like on a Friday.

    As I said, I just want to get to being respectable for age, I did a sprint tri last season, 1.13, (died on the run, despite coming from an endurance running background!) and think it would be realistic to get to about 1.10.

    Many thanks for your advice and patience.
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    diddsdidds Posts: 655
    great to hear such a positive decsion - good for you :-)

    keep us informed as to the progress yeah?

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