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Ballbuster on a mountain bike?!?!

hazohazo Posts: 18
Ok - I'm thinking of entering the Ballbuster duathlon in November.

Seen the Youtube video - and it looks really tough - thats what intersted me.

I've competed in several 'off road' duathlons, over the last year, but no road events.

I cycle up to 100miles and run upto 30miles a week.

Is this enough milage or am I having a laugh?

Has anyone used a mountain bike for this event?


  • willieverfinishwillieverfinish Posts: 1,381
    Have you ever been to Boxhill ?

    it's a bit of a hill that does sort out the men from the boys. I've not done the Ballbuster but been to watch it - but I do ride Boxhill and it hurts.... alot.

    Do it - there are a few DNF's every time and my main tip would be to watch out for the slippery stuff - wet leaves cause lots of spills.. then again on a MTB you may be ok.

    Good luck

  • hazohazo Posts: 18
    Thanks for the warning. I'll take a look at Boxhill next time I'm that way. Well worth a wizz round the circuit to see what I'll be facing.

    I'm just agonising over - should I buy a road / cyclocross bike. So might well have built something more suitable to ride by the time November comes round.

  • hillclimb1hillclimb1 Posts: 16

    i've done the ballbuster before...its a great event and i would definitely recommend it.

    Yes it is tough - the running (i.e. second run) is definitely the hardest bit, not the bike. The incline isn't too bad (i did it on a road bike with a 53:39 gear set). Basically from memory its about 9k of gentle downhilll and about 3k of uphill. Pretty sure there were guys doing it on mountain bikes but cant really remember. If you're doing 100miles a week already (assume on a mountain bike) then you will be fine.

    I would think your current mileage is fine - but you say "up to" - i.e. how often are you doing 30 run, 100 bike? If its regularly (e.g. every other week you are hitting those numbers) then you will be fine.

    probably you need to say your average mileage though to give a better idea....

    agree with willieverfinish.....The bike course is quite technical - i.e some sharp corners and often the course is wet/damp ....so from that point of view a mountain bike will help.

    I would say the important thing is to do some long runs in training (i.e 1hr +) and also some brick sessions, and try to practice a bit of hill running if you can (both uphill AND downhill)

    good luck...

  • hazohazo Posts: 18
    Thanks for the advice.

    My average weekly run milage is say.....25miles. Try to get one long run of 10 - 12miles a week and then 3 other sessions of 3-8miles (speed, threshold & Brick).

    Biking is a couple of 'offroad' rides ~40miles, then commuting (50% road) 45 -75miles.

    I try to adjust my training specifically for each event I enter, so plan to increase my mileage and hill work, in preparation for Boxhill.

    Again, really appriciate your help.

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