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pool swim triathlon - tri suit?

mkamka Posts: 26

I'm doing the thames turbo triathlon and have never done a pool swim triathlon before so just looking for some advice please. Do most people wear tri suits and as it's probably going to be kinda cold so would i wear a long cycle top over the tri suit or arm warmers?? Any advice??


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    Definitely wear a tri suit for the swim. It's in a heated outdoor pool, so there's no problem with warmth on the swim. Your clothing on the rest of the race depends on how cold it is - last year the first race was in mid March and was 0c, with icicles hanging off the racking rails - I put a cycling top on for the cycle and a long sleeved tshirt for the run. However, if it is just cold (i.e. 10c), then I'd do it in just your trisuit. It'll be much faster in transitions and you'll soon warm up once you get going. It's a real hassle putting other clothes on when you're wet and tired, and the clothes just slow you down aerodynamically (on the bike) and do little to warm you up.

    Good luck


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