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Knee Injury

I do a reasonable amount of running each week (Approx 40K) The day after a 12 mile run last weekend my left knee began to feel quite sore, a week later it's still sore. The discomfort seems to be coming from behind the kneecap. Has anyone else had this? I am aged 35

I have run longer distances before (1 marathon and a few halves and frequently do 10K's) and have never had this before


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    well i think ive had this before from what you say but mine was just pulled muscles .. i think!! it did last a week and a half though and was really tight as well as sore. dont think age has anything to do with it, im 24 and have had stuff like that. more likely you just overdid it on the training??

    when i did it i had completed two hard training runs straight after each other and thought id make it better by cycling - it didnt work!!!

    just rest it and if it doesnt get better then see a doc.

    ooh guess it could be your shoes.. x
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