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Heart Rate monitors??

Hi, Just thinking about getting a cheapish heart rate monitor so I can see how I am exerting myself during running and cycling.

Can anyone suggest a model/make that is a reasonable price and has good features please?

Thanks Chris


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    learnerlearner Posts: 100
    Hi Chris,

    personally I use a garmin forerunner, great deals at amazon at the mo, I used to use a cheap york hrm. But I found that it only showed h/r during use and time in target zone. So unless you kept looking at it during exercise and noting down the info there was no way of telling how you'd done or if you were improving.

    I know it sounds dumb but you get what you pay for. With my forerunner I simply plug it into the computer and it tells me everything i need. There are other hrm's that do the same but i really can't fault garmin. ( should i be on a commision?)

    Have you tried a site on tinternet something similar to "theheartrateshop.co.uk" they've got loads of info and a pdf(?) booklet about using an hrm.

    Good luck.

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