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My First Tri - Eton 3quarter Olympic

GGBGGB Posts: 482
At last I did it :D 800m swim - 30.6km bike - 7.5k run

Got to the event 11 am ish Sunday so I could watch the other other Triathletes and see what the score was with transition, registration etc. The weather was bright sunshine, hardly and wind and brilliant blue skies, and was very warm.

Sorted registration went back to car to get my bike and sort out my kit - then trawled back to transition to set up the bike and kit - Back to see the misses on the bank - where she promptly said "wheres your timing tag" ... :O it was in the car - 25 mins to start time and a sprint back to the car park (800m away) picked up timing chap and back to the start line.

Got my wetsuit on and feeling quite good - into the water for a 5 minute warm up. Starter comes over gives us a quick explanation of course - 30 second countdown so I stayed a few yards back and to the left of the field. Klaxon sounds and its Go Go Go ... Awesome feeling first 100m I kept out of trouble and wide left but kept overtaking people - so decided to go tighter into the course undertaking, overtaking and between competitors .. great stuff :D Before I knew it the swim was over and out into to T1. 13.39 for the swim.

A good start to T1 with arms out of wetsuit running in - wetsuit down one leg out - but then left leg, one with tag, wetsuit would not come off so wasted 30 plus seconds with that.

Bike was good and strong for me - hardly any wind and just kept my head down whilst on the Tri bars - got overtaken by a few but then reovertook some of them - on the last two laps the wind picked up a bit but still hardly noticeable. - before I knew it my 6 laps wher up and heading into T2 - 54.57 for the bike.

T2 went well and out onto the run.

By this point I was rather warm - sun was blasting down and I had a pain in my chest, left side. Looked at HRM ... not working ... damn it. So I plod along first circuit and very hot and in pain with chest, took the water on offer at the station and just poured it over me. 2nd lap first half f still in pain with chest - but on I plod, picked up my water bottle and pured water all over me again - by the third circuit the pain had all but gone from the chest but I was so warm I just klept pouring water over me. Got past the finish line in 38.58 - slower than I wanted but pleased all the same.

After the finish line straight for some more water and under the hosepipe for a watering down ... ahhh thats better.

Great event, well organised and would definately do it again.

Times were:

800m swim 13.39

T1 2.13

30.6km bike 54.57

T2 1.06

7.5k Run 38.58

Total time 1hr50.55 finishing 87th of 186 I think.

I was aiming to go under 2 hours so was very pleased with my result :D and I know what areas I need to improve on for the next race. mainly the run and T1.

Awesome day yesterday and a great event - still beaming today :D


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    diddsdidds Posts: 655
    top job GGB!

    Sounds like top weekend for the 220 massive :-)


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    Jack HughesJack Hughes Posts: 1,262
    Good result. The heat would have played havoc with the run times - so it might not be quite so weak compared to the cycling/swim as you think!
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    BmanBman Posts: 442
    Hey congrats GGB, I was there yesterday too. Which wave were you in? I set off at 1pm, so we were all really hot when we got in. I found the swim great, was nice and relaxed compared to most Ive experienced, but could have been the small group. Also maybe cos I didnt have a redbull just before the start. Glad we didnt have to get out and run between swim loops. I took it easy and just tucked in behind someone and glided around with a push at the end, but the cycle was tought towards the end and the heat of the last 2.5km run was bad. I was struggling and lost my sense of humour. The end didnt come quick enough. But overall, a really good race, good training for Windsor. Bring on the river!
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    han382han382 Posts: 80
    Hi Bman,

    I was in the 1pm wave as well. First proper triathlon and thoroughly enjoyed it (other than telling my wfie she had a half mile walk with the dog and a 2 year old form the car park!). Was aiming for 2hs and got round in 1.48, so prety chuffed-although my swim was typically horrendous (I was the last in our wave to the first buoy, although I did take a couple of people as they switched to breast-stroke). The family also had a great day, and my son was cheering me on to come on Daddy Pig on the run (from Peppa Pig for any other parents). Looking forward to my next one now-which at the moment is the London OD.

    Splits were;






    Total 1:48:31

    Overall an amazing day that we all enjoyed-main lesson learned was remember to put on sun cream if it's going to be 25 C-sounds obvious but with everything else to remember for a triathlon and setting up my transition it didn't even occur to me, and I've got the outline of my tri-suit firmly scorched onto my back and shoulders now!

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    BmanBman Posts: 442
    Hi Han

    Sounds like a few people did this as their first, which is quite impressive. Not the easist distance to do as the first one. Good result! I seem to have avoided the burnburn. Having a shaved head made me cover myself in cream, and thank goodness my wife found my running cap in the wash basket just before we left. I forgot all my drinks bottles at the car and she had to run back to get them for me when I was setting up. I wasnt popular for a while!

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    joolzdjoolzd Posts: 245
    Hey, blimey...excellent times for you all given the weather/heat! I was there too and a little disappointed as was aiming for sub 2h00 but managed 2h06..(my first at that distance)..my bike's back wheel decided to drag on the brake the entire way round the 6 loops[:@] very nearly got off and threw it into the lake at one point!! My swim was OKish..again aiming for 16mins but did it in 18m49..had a panicky bit as usual half way round...hey ho...roll on the next one in a couple of weeks!! [:)]
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    GGBGGB Posts: 482
    Cheers for the support - greatly received :D

    Bman - I was in wave 6 - the last one of the day 35-39 AG

    Joolzd - I was looking out for you but didn't spot the T-shirt - plus had to run back to the car for my timing chip lol ..

    Great results from the other 220 forums guys and gals too :D .. great day out.

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    garyrobertsgaryroberts Posts: 869
    Just want to congratulate everyone, great racing. Sounds like a event worth considering for me next year.

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