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what other training do you do

It does not count as training unless you get the HR elevated or work specifically on technique - some chancer on the real training thread is trying to pass dog walking as triathlon training! If that's the case my Mother is in full time training as she walks the dog every day!

I also scull, 2-3 times per week as I still race in the boat (until February)


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    To days passing the time question....

    What other training do you do other that Swim, Bike & Run.... to improve your triathlon performance...

    ie Yoga... Fellwalking... etc etc.... really anything...

    For me its fast distance walking dose wonders for my running....

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    nivaghnivagh Posts: 595

    Circuit training, spinning.
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    Functional strength training during the base & build phases does wonders for my cycling and running performance, however core training throughout the year for me is a must!
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    bathtubbathtub Posts: 280
    Spinervals - Strendurance 1.0 ( strength and Endurance training, a bit like circuit training)

    Spinervals - Flexible Warrior 1.0 ( Athletic Yoga for Triathletes)

    Spinervals - Ultra Core conditioning 2.0 ( Ultra Core Strength Builder)

    All top stuff IMO
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    jacjac Posts: 452

    What functional strength training do you do?
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    I like the sound of that.... will have to try some sipervals....


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    Ooops sorry should of said Spinervals.....


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    Jac, I tend to do varying workouts focusing on the main muscle groups and include core variations of the exercise where possible. The typical lower body exercises are squats, split squats, high step ups (0.5 m steps), box jumps, various directional lunges, burpees etc. I also add in unstable surfaces to the equation, so I may do my full squats on a BOSU trainer, or split squats with one foot on a stability disc.

    Upper body I tend to focus on the big muscle groups of the lats & chest but still include the smaller swim specific muscles of the shoulder etc. I like to incorporate core work with most exercises so I’ll often perform chest presses/lat pullovers in a bridge position on a stability ball or do my shoulder stability work stood on BOSU and use stretch bands. Every couple of weeks in the off season I’ll throw in some total body moves like a body squat into a bicep curl into a shoulder press, not forgetting of course the traditional cleans, power lifts etc.
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    hi there,

    I do a mix also

    Wide chins, dips, biceps chins, press up, sit up circuit at the gym just go for between 10-15 reps and 4 times round. also try to fit in some boxing once a week, great work out so hard!!

    It's 2 miles from my house to the gym so I jog there and do interval sprints using lamp posts on my way home, I time the trip home and go for a PB.

    I surf roughly twice a week over a year average and enjoy mountain biking in the summer.

    Also tried fell running and looking to pursue it further.

    Aqua training at my local pool every sunday, a group of local athletes go head to head on various aquatic and pool side based races and challenges! loads of fun and probably the hardest session of the week in the off season!

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    JulesJules Posts: 987
    I play squash a fair bit, not for any particular training benefit, just for fun. It does get my heart rate up though, mostly because I am not particularly good and so have to run round a lot.

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