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sore shoulders swimming

Is it both sides or just one?

If you just want to make it over the finish line and still play by the rules then you could do a side stroke i believe? if you wanna make good time....well could be a problem, dont wanna screw your shudders for the bike .


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    EdstgEdstg Posts: 83

    I know whenever i see posts like thias i want to write "Go see a physio" BUT. I went for a long swim this morning and experienced some nasty pain near the top of my shoulders. I have an ironman in 8 weeks and cannot afford any more injuries. already struggling with ITB. I have read about rotator cuff injuries? anyone had swimming injuries and have any quick fix strategies!!!!!!!!!!

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    Ouch! not good before an ironman. I have recently had a shoulder problem (currently in the process of preventing it from happening again). What I had was biceps tendonitis so was an inflammatory condition. I thought I had got rid of it before christmas but annoyingly it came back the other week just before competing in both the BUCS biathlon and then a 1500m county swim. Best advice besides going to a physio/sports therapist is to lay off the f/c for a bit. Not what you'll want to hear but...there are alternatives. It now means you can work on a more efficient kick and on your catch during the stroke by practicing sculling!! Although I can't be 100% sure because I don't know exactly where the injury is, you may get away with doing breastroke arms with front crawl legs as it does use the ROM that would normally aggravate swimmers shoulder so much.

    I would also reccomend also trying to start some forearm strength work (sculling will also work on this) while you can't swim full time. Best idea is, like you said yourself, to see a physio/Sports therapist!
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    combatdwarfcombatdwarf Posts: 258
    The best advice I had from a physio for swimmers shoulder was stetch!

    Do a short warm up 100-200m then stretch all the muscles (google swimming stetching exercises) it helped when I developed swimmers shoulder (a recognised overuse injury)

    However the physio also put all of his weight on my mid back (around T6-7 I think) and this caused a popping sound (disconcerting!!) which also seemed to help

    Go and see a physio - they are great!

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    EdstgEdstg Posts: 83
    thanks for words of advice - have just come back from the physio and as i suspected, rotator cuff inflamation! 7-10 days out of pool with various stretchs should sort it all out. fingers crossed
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