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Very happy!

Hey fellow multi sporters!

Well as some of you know I fractured my foot on a Aquathon 5 weeks ago! (yes it hurt- see foot in http://forum.220magazine.com/tm.asp?m=34039)

but today was my first run since the injury - before I was running 5 miles at 7 minute miles (35 minutes) pace. So today I setup my watch to guide me to 8:30mins/mile but as I started to run I just felt comfortable and ran normally, ankle was a little stiff for the first half mile.

but I ended up running 7:08, 7:38, 7:26 & 7:47 - so I'm really really happy. (4 miles)

I have a half marathon in 3 weeks so I'll be running a fair amount to catch up, I've also just entered an OD Tri in Plymouth so I should def be up for that now!


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