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I'm getting geared up to do my first tri in June and am looking to get my first road bike (i've seen the bike porn section....WOW!), I've got a budget of about £600, BUT (and it's a big but!) it's gotta come from evans cycles as my company are signed into them for the ride 2 work scheme.

I would really appreciate any advice on what models, specifications are best. At present I am looking at either the Dawes Giro 500 (2008 model), Trek 1.9, Saracen Tour 3, Specialized Allex 27 or the Scott Speedster S60.



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    garyrobertsgaryroberts Posts: 869
    i have a trek 1.9 and have found it very good. I have no experience of anything else and therefore can't comment but i guess you wont be disappointed with the trek, its got Ultegra all round and thats a pretty good spec i believe.

    good luck
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    sfullersfuller Posts: 628
    I think I would go with the Trek but it seems to be alot more than your budget??!?
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    JulesJules Posts: 987
    On the Cycle to work scheme you'll pay about 45 - 50% of the list price after the tax, VAT and NI are deducted. Then you pay the rest in 12 monthly installments. So is your £600 your maximum list price (ie costing you about £27 a month) or the net amount you have after the C2W deduction (ie paying £50 a month towards a list price of about £1100 - £1200)?

    I assume you mean a list price of £600 but, as stated by sfuller you have a Trek 1.9 on the list which is about £1200! Did you mean a 1.2?

    Of the bikes you listed I'd say the Dawes looks the best spec. Evans have £50 off a Pinnacle Sentinal 2.0 at £650 which looks good if you're OK with buying an Evans own-brand bike. I have just bought a Trek 1.5 which they have at £675 which I like.

    The best advice as usual is if you can get yourself to an Evans and try some bikes yourself.

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    thebouythebouy Posts: 61

    Thanks for your replies and I have to confess to an embarrasing typo! it should be a Trek 1.2 (not 1.9). My budget is £600 (ish) for the list price, which as you say equates to about £27 a month. The Dawes does look a good spec (it's all Tiagra) as is the Pinnacle but would they be much better that the Specialized or the Scott which are running Sora?

    I guess the best advice would be to get to an evans and test some bike out.

    Thanks for your help.....back to gazing longingly at the bike porn thread!!


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    iangriffiangriff Posts: 48
    Choices Choices Choices.

    I bought a Specialized Allez Sport a couple of years ago and love it. And admit to now being a Specialized fan.

    As you are aware its all down to the components, frames and forks are of a range are generally the same its all the bits they screw to it that bump the price up.

    Its not just the derailleurs though, the pinnicle has deeper section tyres compared to the others, 700x26C compared to the 700x23c, the 26c will give a little more comfort compared to the 23c.

    Definitely try them out though thats the most important.

    Finally the colour vain i know, personally i think the Allez in Black looks great, mines black and i always get comments on what a great looking bike it is, wants me want to ride it more and more.

    Have fun and love your bike!!

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