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Hybrid Speed Upgrade


I wonder if someone could answer a quick question please.

I am training for my first Tri in June and am planning to do this on my hybrid (can't afford a spangly new road bike).

I have made a couple of small upgrades which seem to have helped make things easier (got rid of my 700 X 35 tyres for some 700 X 28, a road cassette, and a set of Tri bars).

However, as long as the road is flat I have no problem with pootling along in top gear. Which has led me to conclude that maybe my top gear is not high enough.

My bike is a Trek 7.3FX with Shimano T303 48/38/28 Crankset. Is it possible to upgrade this to add a few more teeth? and if so I would really appreciate some advise on what to go for.


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