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swim technique coaching

I was just wondering if anyone has been or can comment on a course to improve their swim technique such as 'swim therapy' whereby your technique is filmed and one to one coaching given based on that. As I am a student strapped for cash just don't want to waste my money (£80 for 90 minutes. At the moment I am a very average swimmer with my bike and run being much better.

Thanks for any advice


  • julesojuleso Posts: 279
    Hi Alec. Depending on where you are, you could try Swim for Tri, which is now based at Canary Wharf. An hour's session in their endless pool, with four different camera angles, costs £60, and they give you a dvd to take away. They follow this up with an e-mailed summary of your lesson and whichever drills or exercises they think are appropriate. I went along for an hour's session and then booked some more (they do a 3-for-2 deal) and my swimming has progressed so much; I couldn't recommend them enough. If you're in or near London, that is!
  • al_fordal_ford Posts: 119
    I did a swim therapy session - really worthwhile.

    Got loads out of it, a dvd to remind me how poor my technique is with associated commentry. They went through some swimming drills and provided me with a training schedule.

    If you really can't afford the session, go along to a swim club or ask a 'pro' from the local pool to asses your technique and give you some pointers. It''s important to work on drills and not just blast up and down the pool for endless lengths.

    My local pool does a swim fit session where they concentrate on technique with one coach to about 8 of us. Would be worthwhile asking at your local pool about swim coaching sessions.
  • alecalec Posts: 2
    thanks very much for your advice, much appreciated! am going to go ahead and book one. I will let you know how it goes!
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