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Up And running

Hi Guys,

brand new to the forum (and this tri lark) but have been watching for a while to get as much info before taking the plunge.

just wanted to give a quick report - went to up and running in east sheen on saturday as i thoiught there Tri packages looked like the best value around.

the guys in there couldnt be more helpful, Dave is fully qualified fitter / mechanic and definatley knows his onions, Verity is as helpful as can be!

i know theres a lot of guys here looking at new bikes and these kind of kits and i cant recomned Up and running enough! obviously its only of interest if you live local(ish) to the london stores as only they sell bikes. but for great service AND good prices i think its the place to go.

well thats my 2 bits anyway.[:D]


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