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Swim impact on the bike - how much difference does it really make?

MowfMowf Posts: 272
Just browsing some of the other threads and a question occured to me: Just how much does your effort during the swim impact your bike time? You are essentially using different muscles, so leg fatigue shouldn't really be an issue (should it?) - is it an oxygen dept thing?

I currently gun it round in the swim. But if this partly to blame for my rubbish bike leg, i'll tone it down. At the moment i kind of use my swim to compensate a little for a poor bike leg. But is this robbing Peter to Pay Paul?

I love triathlon, but damn it's complictated.


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    graham33graham33 Posts: 265
    Hi Mowf,

    I'm not 100% but when I did my first sprint, I was on the first hill that was fairly gentle - I honestly thought my brakes had locked on or my hubs had seized!!

    But after a few miles I was fine again, So IMO I think it does effect you!
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    It's bound to make a difference if you swim very fast. Here's something to try:

    Swim your race distance at a fast pace, then try and run (or cycle) a set distance at race speed - say 4 miles?

    Try it again a few days later, but this time swim at a comfortable pace. Comparing the run times, you will probably find you are quicker on the second one. You could even play around with your swim pace to find the best mix.

    You wouldn't sprint at the start of a run so just pace yourself with the finish in mind.

    Also, if you are swimming a long distance, you can't take on any fluids or nutrients so you are always finishing depleted on both counts - unlike your bike and run where you can replenish as you go along.
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