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Wetsuit issues

So annoyed!

Wetsuit came today from Wiggle, i ordered the size that most closely fit my size and its soooooooooooo small! So small that when i've wrestled the bloody thing onto my legs and arms its gaping so much at the back that the bloody zip just won't go up [:@][:@][:@][:@][:@][:@][:@][:@][:@]

By this time I'm sweating profusely and wondering if a divorce is easier than telling the WAT officer that i need another suit!

I am 5'7-5'8" tall, am about 72kilos at the moment but will be 68-70 when race fit again!

Specification information

2XU Wetsuit Size Chart

Men Height(cm) Height(ft) Weight(kg) Weight(lbs)

Extra Small 156 - 172 5'3'' - 5'9'' 55 - 65 128 - 150

Small 160 - 172 5'3'' - 5'9'' 63 - 70 139 - 154

Small / Tall 174 - 182 5'9'' - 6'0'' 64 - 72 141 - 159

Small / Med 165 - 179 5'7'' - 5'10'' 68 - 75 150 - 165

Medium 170 - 184 5'7'' - 6' 72 - 80 159 - 176

Medium Tall 178 - 193 5'10'' - 6'4'' 74 - 83 163 - 183

Medium Solid 165 - 175 5'5'' - 5'9'' 78 - 88 172 - 194

Large 175 - 188 5'9'' - 6'2'' 85 - 94 187 - 207

Large Tall 180 - 195 5'11'' - 6'5'' 84 - 94 185 - 207

X Large 180 - 200 5'11'' - 6'7'' 92 - 110 203 - 243

XX Large 180 - 210 5'11'' - 6'11'' 105 - 120 231 - 256

I ordered the small/med


Its almost impossible to put on and getting it off was just as hard! Will it be easier when wet? Or am i screwed? AGAIN!


  • shadowone1shadowone1 Posts: 1,408
    Ask Conehead when he gets back.
  • FlavadaveFlavadave Posts: 749
    Alright Gary!

    Did you have any help getting it on the first time? I do struggle getting my zip done up so when I've tried on at home I have to get the misses to do me up. At my first tri, had to ask another competitor but returned the favour as he was struggling to get into his.

    I'm still not sure whether I should have gone up a size but can live with it (especially as I've cut down the sleeves so no chance of sending it back!).

    Did you wear one at the Rookie Day? How did that compare to this one?

    For your peace of mind, it may be worth sending back for the next size up as a comparison. Frustrating I know, but at least you'll know then. Before you do that though, if you can get the zip done up, jump in the shower and flush water through it... this should help with the fit and give you a better idea.

    Fingers crossed you get it sorted!

  • BmanBman Posts: 442
    Hi Gary

    Ive also got a 2Xu wetsuit, in the middle of the range for the size (MT) and trying to get it on is damn tricky. I cant do the zip up on my own ever but when its on properly, and some water inside, its a treat. So my advice before you send it back, do the plastic bag trick with legs first, get it right up into the crotch, then the same with arms, and when you think its pulled up the arms enough, pull some more. I thought it was on fine, and my coach said it could go way more. Almost halfway up my forearms. Got it zipped up (tight as hell) and got some water in, and pulled up some more, and after a while, it was snug but importantly, you need no restriction of shoulder movement (well minmal in a wetsuit). Water inside is great for that. Getting it off dry is almost impossible but it will be piss when you are wet and have lubed the wrists and ankles. I was told a good fit should allow you to see outline of the 2xu writing through the front of the wetsuit, when on. Hope you sort it.
  • garyrobertsgaryroberts Posts: 869
    Ok chaps....thats once again for your support in my hour(s) of need!

    I tried again!

    This time i got it on (although i did think the zip was gonna come straight off).......but i got it on.

    Sending back for the next size up would be good but 1) first open water swim tomorrow (coneheads2nd training day with kiddle), 2) they are out of stock of the next size up and 3) i want to stick to the manufacturers recommendations.

    Bman - yes, i can see the 2XU coming through the front of the suit! It is almost impossible to get the thing off dry! Do you find it tight around the neck?

    Thanks again!
  • gdh250467gdh250467 Posts: 237
    I would agree with Bman. And I feel somewaht guilty as I advised you the 2XU C2 was a good suit.

    I can't comment on the size, but I'm 181cm (5'11") and 76kg and went for the Medium Tall. It is a challenge to get on when dry, and even worse trying to get off. I also need assistance in getting the zip done up, but at a recent Zoggs Swim traning day at Dorney I don't think there was a single person there who did their own wetsuit up, and all makes of suit were being used.

    It's supposed to fit like a 2nd skin, and you need to make sure it is as far up to your crotch as you cen get it, and as tight into your shoulders well. Once on squeeze your shoulders together and the zip should do up. and as Bman said once on you should see the 2XU logo through the neoprene on the front, you may even be lucky and get to see the six-pack through it.

    However, once you get in the water with it it's whole physical characteristics change and the material soften and moves with you. I haven't tried standing in the shower with it, but have in the back garden with a hosepipe. You neeed to actually get the thing saturated whilst you're wearing it. And not just wet on the outside. Stick the hosepipe down the neck and fill the suit with water so you look like the Michelin man. Squeeze the water doen into your arms and legs and see how different it feels.

    once any excess water is out have a go at removing it, and I think you'll be surpised at just how easy it is to remove, slightly more difficult under race conditions, but that's probably just panic.

    If you're feeling really brave try putting itback on again when it's wet, I'm sure this is a worse form of torture that the FBI's waterboarding, but you feel how much more supple it is when it's wet.

    NOTE: It might be worth giving Wiggle a call to see if getting the suit wet would affect the returns policy. But I'm sure that if you've only used fresh water and fully dried it out they wouldn't even know.

  • BmanBman Posts: 442
    Yeah it was tight around the neck, but have a fiddle with the two bits of rubber that overlap the top of the zip and make sure they arent sticking up too high into the back of your neck. They got in the way of my sighting a few weeks ago. But I found after getting water in the neck and arms, I could pull the shoulder rubber up to the neck more, which loosened it up a lot. Felt good after that.
  • Ron99Ron99 Posts: 237
    Just ask Kiddle what he thinks tomorrow. Much better plan than asking us, as he can see it on you, and has all the experience to know what'll work and what won't.
  • sam_thebatmansam_thebatman Posts: 112
    I bought the 2XU off wiggle as well, i got the Meduim Tall. I am about 6 ft and 76kg. Tried getting it on and it was not happening at all even though i was in the hieght and weight range. Tried everying and when i finally got it on I couldnt move my arms properly at all. In the end i sent it back and got a Quintana Roo Superfull (medium) which i am right in the middle on hieght wise and at the lower end of the weight. But this fits nicely and feels really confortable.
  • TommiTriTommiTri Posts: 879
    I actually got a medium tall 2XU C:1

    At the time I weighed 75kg and I'm 6'1 and it fit pretty well, but I neglected to try on other sizes

    I am now 69kg, and getting in the water it was clearly letting in too much water and slowing me down

    My legs are way longer in proportion to my torso so I think it was too long in the body. I am now wearing a small medium! Which is apparently made for up to 5'10 but fits me perfectly weight wise and fits my upper body. The legs come up a bit but its ok as they were always going to do that.

    The moral is DONT buy a wetsuit off the internet without trying it out at a shop somewhere first. You can even go into the shop, pretend your after a suit from them and try a few on, make your excuses and leave, if you really want the discount of the internet, its dishonest I know but its better than getting a suit that doesn't fit.

    As I have eluded to above it is primarily upper body fit that is the key, this will allow not too much water in and good shoulder flexibility. We are all different proportions, just because you are in the height range means nothing! As does the weight range to a certain degree if you have big heavy legs and a very lean upperbody.
  • stratoTomstratoTom Posts: 36
    I agree with seeing what they think tomorrow on the Rookie Day.

    When I got my suit, I had it fitted for me in store with an endless pool, and there is NO way I would have had the first idea about how to get the thing on (let alone examine the fit [I put the tri-suit on back-to-front initially...]) without the expert eye of the experienced guys at the store, so it's definitely worth checkng with someone who knows wetsuits and let them tell you to just pull harder...
  • BmanBman Posts: 442
    jeez Sam, you got me doubting myself now, Ive got a medium tall and Im 6ft and 85kgs! Still, its an E:1 and was a bargain so I'll make myself fit!

    That being said, the shop assistant said it was the right size for me..
  • garyrobertsgaryroberts Posts: 869
    right then...................

    ........got in the back garden with the new suit on...........got mrs roberts to hose me down (she loved it) and then pumped a fair bit of freezing cold water right in through the neck...................

    the deal is this: if i can get if off in less than 20 seconds then i keep it, if not then it goes back.

    I had a bit of a hiccup losing the velcro strap which cost me about five seconds but you cant hold that against the suit!

    Here's the video:


  • garyrobertsgaryroberts Posts: 869
    or if you prefer......(for the boys)....watch this.....:)

  • Ron99Ron99 Posts: 237
    hehe - another classic GR triathlon moment saved for prosperity. Building up a catalog of tri experiences here Gary - you thinking about challenging Conehead with a book of your own?

    Nice work though - see the 'Kiddle Kick' in full effect there! Karena is much better looking than Rick though, it has to be said.
  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    Similar situation to my first try getting a wetsuit, and the second, the third fits me very nicely although according to the sizing chart I should be another 10cms taller and an extra 5-10Kgs heavier
  • joolzdjoolzd Posts: 245
    This is the way to get out of a wetsuit I reckon...your very own personal stripper...


  • moonshinemoonshine Posts: 335
    with my admittedly limited expereince with wetsuits and all of that in relation to SCUBA from the tube it doesn't look too small
  • garyrobertsgaryroberts Posts: 869
    ...your very own personal stripper...

    thats absolute class!
  • Any lube advice?? heard about baby oil or olive oil but is there as official wetsuit lube to make it easier getting it off.
  • MrSquishyMrSquishy Posts: 277
    Body Glide - as recommended by Rick Kiddle (courtesy Conehead Rookie Training Day 2!) [:D]

    Vaseline is a definite no-no, it rots the neoprene.
  • MrSquishyMrSquishy Posts: 277
    Actually, scratch that. The Body Glide was recommended for it's anti-chafing properties not for aiding getting the wetsuit off.

    Apparently, no lube should be needed if you get the technique right. Saw it done in approx 13 secobnds today by the aformentioned Kiddle... with no lube.
  • garyrobertsgaryroberts Posts: 869
    you dont need anything to help you out of the suit, it'll come off easy enough on its own....see my vid (no lube)........body glide, as the distinguished MrSquishy says is brilliant to cut down on neck and under arm chaffing.


  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    I know as triathletes we naturally expect that there is a mega expensive and highly specialisd product for all aspects but from my extremely limited experience and from what I have gleaned humble cheap and cheerful baby oil does the trick. Bodyglide is handy for chafing areas such as neck wrists etc. but get lubing with the Johnsons.
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