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Windsor swim how clean ... ?

Hi all

im new here so hello to everyone !

I have wanted to do an olympic distance event for many years now but have never got around to it.

I have completed about 6 sprints but the last was probably East Grinstead about 10 yrs ago. 1st tri when i was 17 ... im now 43 !!

Training is very sporadic but am on a mission at the moment to try my 1st olympic event.

If i was going to do one event i would really like to do Windsor but have been concerned over the swim as many years ago i heard of a kingfisher triathlete contracting something nasty from the Thames ? I think it was hepatitis c .

As a teenager i jumped both Hampton court and kingston bridges and had the worst case of sickness probably in my life .... but that was 20 years ago and i am sure the river is a lot cleaner now.

Am i worrying over nothing and should just get on with ? are there any Windsor regulars who can give me some confidence ?




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    MGMG Posts: 470
    Nowt to worry about, windsor is clean. Its a well organised event and a good way to start olympic distance. If you do the swim keep to the right hand side of the river (the current in the centre is VERY strong) and dont be surprised if you start swimming in shallow water at some points.

    You wont get a PB at Windsor (bike is 42ish km) cos the course is fairly tough, but its perfect for beginers. The support around the run is always excellent too. If you dont mind lining John Lunts (event organiser and owner of Humanrace) coffers, its a little on the dear side, enjoy it.

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    Hi there, I've been swimming open water for 7 years now. I've done Windsor once, it was fine - certainly much cleaner than some of the "goose poo" lakes I've had the 'pleasure' of wading through.

    Just be prepared for the knackered run up the hill!!

    You will enjoy it though - its a good course and well organised.

    Good luck
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