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New to this...Can I do it ?

Hi all,

I am new to this completely and a little unfit too. I used to be in the forces and got into running and swimming for them. My personal best was an event to raise money for M.S. where we ran 8 miles followed by swimming a mile then running 8 miles back. After that I was training for applying for a specialist unit within the forces and did a 10 mile run prior to my qualification run. this was done in exactly 60 mins.

Now however is a different kettle of fish !

I am 36 yrs old with a 38"waist weighing in at about 15st 4lbs 5ft 11 ins tall.

I have joined my local gym a month ago and trained about 3-5 times a week on average but nothing major.

Can anyone give me any tips as I would love to get down to about 12st 10lbs upto 13st 6lbs anywhere between the 2 and lose my gut. and obviously train for a triathlon of course. I can swim but I would need help[:(][:(][:(]


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    Train steady, dont push too hard too soon. Let the body adjust, so longs as you eat right things you should see some weight decrease.

    Just enjoy it!.....spend lots of time on here as well [;)]
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    gaterz1981 wrote:

    Train steady, dont push too hard too soon. Let the body adjust, so longs as you eat right things you should see some weight decrease.

    Just enjoy it!.....spend lots of time on here as well [;)]


    I intend to if it will give me hints and tips

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    BlinkybazBlinkybaz Posts: 1,144
    Hello and welcome,

    Like gaterz said eat the right things and settle in gently to training.

    Get a few miles under your belt and then start cycling. You might wont to look up brick training on this forum.

    Stead and regular and the weight will start to shift. The gut might be the last place it leaves though (it was for me)

    This forum is a wealth of info and humour at times.

    Hang in there the results will be worth it.
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    I am in exactly the same boat mate, I am 30 and after being alot fitter & slimmer in years gone by I have decided to try to get fit again. I was 18.5 stone and managed to lose 2.5 stone through running. But lately I have stalled losing motivation to train (doesn't help I seem to have had every cold & flu going since Christmas). Triathlon seems a good way to get back into shape & vary my exercise. I have signed up for my firsrt Triathlon in Bedford in June. I need to get training but having made the decision to try I'm sure I can do it (and if I can I sure you can too)..

    Good Luck
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    jonnnijonnni Posts: 32
    Hi also pretty new - only 1 event

    I would say just go for it. Enter a sprint and you'll be surprised how much that will focus you.

    My experience I am 40 was reasonably fit but still a big unit - 6'2" and over 15st. Running (slowly) was killing my knees so switched to Tri. Had never ridden a road bike before!

    6 weeks training taking it steady and laying off the booze and I did sprint Tri in 1.12 (400m swim and I think bike was about 18k). I know not super-fast but I was well chuffed especially on my borrowed 12 year old bike.

    The key for me was not physical strength but mental strength to do 1 more length, 1 more km, 1 more press-up, that litte bit faster. When you think you can't do any more you would be amazed the reserves you have if you really need them.

    and the race - I loved it - smiled all the way round. Have entered loads of events this year including Windsor. Now 14st and still a bit wobbly on the belly but can nearly see the faintest start of a 6-pack if I breath in and use a narrowing mirror!

    So go for it and enjoy
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    Hi stealth

    If there is one thing in life that is for sure......it is that you WILL lose weight if you train properly and then go on to complete your first Triathlon. I have been in training since Christmas, and probably the biggest change in me is not weight (wasn't overweight in the first place), it is inside me, I've become intensely motivated, like never before! And it has added something to my life already!! So, i would sum up by saying that if weight loss is your number one goal, but you don't want to work out in the gym aimlessly for hundreds of hours, focus on a specific goal - YOUR FIRST TRIATHLON - and see what happens. My guess is you'll love the challenge and get more from it than just a new belt!

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    Another 6ft 4inc new comer, and at almost 37 i feel exactly the same as you. I have a slight difference in that I was a semi pro kayaker until 2003 and used to train twice per day, but since then, marriage, kids, beer, running a business and living 50m from a great curry house has all taken its toll....

    In short I hated training, I tried several times to go back to kayaking but i was always so so much slower than before....

    Now I am entered into 3 triathlons this year and training towards them, but feel like a complete beginner... for example i cant cycle up hill!!!!! I used to race Internationally and now i cant cycle up a F'in hill.... I am 14st 11, so i know i am not built like the other triathletes I see, but part of me feels that this is unjust.....

    On the flat it isnt much better, everyone i speak to seems to be riding at an average of 22 - 24 mph and i am stuck at 18 - 20... and they are doing 50 - 100 miles and i am doing 15....

    Swimming is ok, its close enough to kayaking and I seem to be more than able to keep up with triathletes at the pool...

    Running, well by that stage my bike will have left me so far back, its just a case of crossing the line... i do hope it all comes together by June when do my first event with Human race at Eton... but only time will tell.

    keep in touch we can lose the belly together.....

    Great thread.
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    Unless your going to strike in the top 10 or so i would honestlly not worry about others speeds? You'll pass some people and be passed. Just set yourself an achievable goal and work towards it.
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    gotta agree with gater, Go out and enjoy your first Tri...... then after the event start looking at what training worked for you and what did'nt. your time's in each of the discipline's, Transition's and overall and then plan to beat them in your next event....

    I find the great thing bout Tri is that your really out there racing against yourself
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    GGBGGB Posts: 482
    Anyone can do it if they put their mind to it ... its all in the mind - you have to have self belief ...

    I personally havent even competed ina Triathlon yet ...but 6 months ago I hadn't done any exercise in 20 years - I was never really overweight but at 5'7 and weighing in at nearly 13 stone I wasnt light ... since starting to exercise I have lost nearly 2 stone and have completed a 40 mile bike ride ... have upped my runs to 5 mile and can swim 400 metres without drowning ... an achivement and a half for me ... I f i can do it am sure anywone can ;)

    Go for it .. it will all work out in the end .

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