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giving up work to train

anyone every give up work just to train for a few months ? im fed up of work and in a solid enough position money wise to be able to not work for a good few months. Find with work and girlfriend training is never done right and im often very tired most of the week.

flipside of the coin were I to give up work and train a couple of times a day I could get very bored very fast ?

Anyone have their own views to wish to share ?


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    IMHO, you'd be mad to give up work. Do you not realise tens of thousands of people are losing their jobs every week? Who's to say you'll be able to get a job easily when you need to?

    If I were you, I'd stay in my job and be thankful you have a job! [:)]

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    I know several people who thought the same thing and are now seriously in the mire as they can't get a job anywhere near their old salary level or a job at all. Don't do it, appreciate having both and unless you're going to join the GB team enjoy the training and benefits of a regular salary.
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    a4asha4ash Posts: 29
    Im recently unemployed and whilst in theory it would give you loads of time to train, you loose all sense of routine. when i had a job i was in bed for 10 and up for 7 but now i surf the net till 1am and get up at 10 only to sit around drinking coffee till after lunch. i then seem to wait around for my mate to finish work at 5pm to go and train so not really better off. Admittedly when the better weather comes i'm sure i'll get out on a run or bike a lot more but have to ask will it be quality training or just junk miles.

    In short, keep your job

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    that was the norm for me, till the kiddys came along.

    working or not, im up at the crack.

    thats being a dad for you!

    would not change it for the world.
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    Jack HughesJack Hughes Posts: 1,262
    Your motivations are wrong for a start.

    Big life changes, like giving up work, should be for positive motiviations: "I want to do this so much, that if I don't I will regret it for the rest of my life".

    You have a negative motivation "I am fed up where I am now".

    As you say yourself, you worry that you would get bored with training too. And you probably will, because it will be hard work, lonely - as all your mates will be at work, and you will find it difficult to motivate yourself.

    You need to sit down and think what you want to achieve, and set out to achieve it. If you are fed up (is that the same as bored) because work is easy, and you are in your comfort zone all the time, look for ways to get out of that comfort zone - take more responsibility, try a bit harder, try to learn some new skills, move into different areas. If you work is too prescribed (e.g. on a production line) then look for a training course to get some new skills. If you are fed up because you think you are undervalued, then it try to look at what you do from the point of view of the company/boss. Maybe you are not doing the right things at the right time. Maybe they can't reward you/promote you in the way you would like because in these trying times, there isn't the work/money to do so. Try looking for another job - and see how easy it is.

    What does the girlfriend think? Her views might be more important than random people on the forum!

    Are there other reasons that you are tired all the time (not getting enough sleep), or is your job really hard physically (there aren't too many of those about these days)?

    If you do find something that you are really passionate about achieving, then go for it.

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    BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    Besides as previously mentioned somewhere..work is recovery ..right?
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    BlinkybazBlinkybaz Posts: 1,144
    It seems giving up work to train is a bad idea with the credit crunch and companies going out of business left right and centre.

    I could see the point if maybe you are going to challenge for an olympic place and be sponsored but to do it for a couple of months and then look for work which at the mo there wont be!!

    Like Britspin said work is recovery time!!! and forum time!!!!
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    treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    I did it years ago and don't regret it! I did not get quite as far as I hoped but it was not for the want of trying or for the want of self sacrifice - I simply did not have a powerful enough engine. I gained so much from the experience and learned so much from it that I think it enabled me to get a better job.

    Unlike many of my friends I wake up every day and don't say "what if?"

    Therefore if you have the yearning to do it then go for it!
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    i have recently become self employed and have as such 'more time' but have as yet not really done much more training than before as mentioned above you do not have the same routine.

    i also feel quite guilty if i head off training to often as i could be working on getting more customers or doing things like accounts.......!!

    i have however entered a few tri's in the summer that are on saturdays as with my old job i was always working on sat, so thats a def bonus to being self employed[:)]

    i think if you can really do it financially and really wanna do it then go for it but make sure you have a plan for training/aims and goals!

    good luck!

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    BopomofoBopomofo Posts: 980
    I've just been made redundant. Well, on the 5th Feb.

    I got a fair old payout, but I need to find work ASAP because of my circumstances, particularly my enormous mortgage. I need to know I am secure. One of the things I have found (having been on gardening leave since December) is how it ise very easy to become a lazy git.

    I'm combatting this by training as though I have a job, so in the pool by 6:30am, or out running by 6am. The only concession I make is that I'm pretty much taking Friday off, like today when I did a 55km/8km brick. I'm not trying to pretend I'm retired.

    Stopping work to trin would be a bum move at the moment. If you can't fit your training around your work then it would be better to get a McJob (i.e something crappy but with hours that suit) than giving it up completely.

    On the other hand, you may be good enough to think about going pro. In that case, go for it and let us all know how you do!

    *EDIT* I've re-read and now see how this thread is going. Sorry if I sounded fatalist.. If you really believe you are in with a chance of being a serious contender (like Mr Frog did) then sacrifice everything you can for that golden shot. I bloody would!
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    Jack HughesJack Hughes Posts: 1,262
    Bopomofo wrote:

    I've just been made redundant. Well, on the 5th Feb.

    So very sorry to hear that. I think your approach is pretty good one. Back in Feb 2002 I was made redundant, and the Missus, who worked in a different industry sector completely, was made redundant the following month.

    We had a lovely house and a nice lifestyle that we didn't want to lose. So it was a pretty stressful time. On the outside it might seem like a great thing to have all that free time - but it weighs heavily. If you are out training, you feel guilty about not looking for a job. When you try to look for a job you just get depressed - pining for the old one that you had and didn't want to leave. And how hard and dispiriting it is when there is nothing available out there. If you've been employed for a reasonable time, it is very hard to adjust to being a jobseeker. Your work is a lot of your identity.

    I think you are spot on in setting a routine and keeping those habits. It is essential to stop getting yourself from getting down. But, conversely it is really OK to do some of the things that you never would do when working. We took a few weeks out and just went camping in wales - working from North to South. Really chilled - life at different pace, and very cheap!

    However, I would do things a bit differently next time - and plan leisure goals with equal important to looking for a job. It's made us a bit more risk averse than we were - we are much happier with simpler things now - and don't have a lot of debt.

    I do wish you well, and I suspect there are a few others in the same situation, so just keep focused and as positive as possible and take time for some fun things. Things will sort themselves out!

    Maybe osgur wants to do a job swap!
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    That's terrible news Bopo. I was made redundant last August, did a couple of months temporary work at the end of last year, until 12th December, but I haven't worked since. It's so depressing, I can't find a job for love or money.

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    treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    Sorry to learn about your rredundancy Bopomofo. I really was quite shocked.

    I think your sporting experience will see you through and I also think you are doing the right thing using it constructively to train. This will also stand to you and will give you a distinct advantage in the job market.

    Keep up the training no matter what keep job hunting and most importantly all the best

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    osgurosgur Posts: 11
    ok folks, thanks for the advice. Going to sit it out in work for another month at least. Do think all this recession talk is a bit over the top. Id be confident enough getting another job if I left.

    One of my major problems is I work most weekends therefore limiting myself to training on my own.

    I have weekends booked off upcoming but they are all for races. Girlfriend thinks im becomming slightly obsessed and the fact that im going to be taking weekends off for Tri and not for her ( along with not holidays for a few months due to tri ) is slightly getting to me !!

    oh the joys of it all.[:D]
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