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Endurancelife Devon Trail-X

So, after drunkenly hinting shortly before Xmas that I fancied doing a tri this year, my girlfriend entered me into this event....

1000m o/w (estuary)

22km MTB

10km trail run

Conditions on the day were a bit on the windy side, and the MTB course was more suited to an assault course!!

Anyway, the swim went well (about a 500m run from start/transition to shore each way), and came out of T1 fairly quickly.

the bike started well until about 1km in, when I took a bend downhill too fast (read flat out) and the bike went from under me! I'm nursing sore, cut and bruised arms, legs, chin and a**e today!) Some parts of the bike leg were walked, as the mud was too thick to get any traction.

T2 was where the cramp started. After a minute writhing on the floor, I managed to pull myself together for the 2 lap run. Couldn't really shake off the cramp through the first leg of the run, and was about to call it a day when I came round the corner towards transtion and saw my gf and family who had come down to support me. Really did the trick in spurring me on to finish the final lap.

The second lap was a bit less painful, and I finally finished in 3 h 53.

Anyone else at the race yesterday? How'd you get on?

My only concern is, apart from the bike injury, I'm feeling remarkably good today. Was just wondering if this is gonna be one of those occasions where second day syndrome will kick in tomorrow leaving me incapacitated?!?

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