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My First Tri! 220 Evening Sprint Series...about 2 hours ago

hey fantastic bob!! see told ya you'd enjoy it...albeit being windy, you did great!....you'll get those times down and you've given yourself a target to aim for....


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    BobalovskiBobalovski Posts: 15
    Thanks Brizzichick....was a great night. Cheers for all your support and wise words.
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    BobalovskiBobalovski Posts: 15

    As promised I'm reporting back with my times from my first Tri at Dorney earlier on this evening.....

    Swim - 23.20 (More work needed here for sure but wind was a killer)

    T1 - 2.30 (bit messy...need to think this through before next race)

    Bike - 41.14 (Pretty pleased with this.....very windy on return leg)

    T2 - 1.09 (ok I think?)

    Run - 26.10 (was hoping for sub 25 but not too dissapointed)

    Total - 1 Hr 34.24 ( a PB!!!)

    I've got to say, I'm buzzing. What a rush! I'm grinning from ear to ear. It was a great atmosphere and a great intro to your fantastic sport. Thanks to all who answered my nervous questions yesterday. Tips to speed up my swim will be gratefully accepted. Believe it or not I front crawled it the whole way and still only managed a rather slow 23.20....was third from last out of the water and had to work hard to claw back time later on.

    I can't wait for London now and am itching to get training to shave those precious minutes off to hopefully go sub 1hr 30

    Well done to eveyone who raced tonight at a rather windy Dorney.

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    JonhinioJonhinio Posts: 289
    Glad you enjoyed it. Would have loved to have been there tonight. When I did my first tri I was 5th last out of the swim. Just worked on technique over the winter and that helped loads. Get some lessons is probably the best idea.

    All the best with your training
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    garyrobertsgaryroberts Posts: 869
    well done mate ;o)
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    BobalovskiBobalovski Posts: 15
    Thanks chaps....think I need to invest in a few hours with Coach Kiddle to help hone the technique. In training at Kirtons I've been consistently bang on 21 min for 800m so not sure how I lost quite so much time last night over 750m...headwind on 2 out of 3 legs didn't help I suppose. A mate on the side lines said it looked like my legs were sinking and causing drag (even in the wetsuit)....would love to get a 16-17min swim time....lots to think about for London!

    Gary....hope you sort all of your aches and pains asap....for what its worth I always visit osteopaths rather than physios. I'm told they take a whole body approach to traetment and tackle the cause of the injury as well as localised treatment such as ultra sound. I slipped a disc in my neck last year and my osteopath really sorted me......good luck!
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    sam_thebatmansam_thebatman Posts: 112

    Nice one Bob, was such good fun. Was my first triathlon too. Didnt realise how much i would like it, i cant wait to do more. The wind on the way back on the bike was really strong, but the going the other way gave a nice breather. Didnt realise coming from swim to the bike would feel so strange, my legs felt really wierd when i started the bike, will have to try the hard kicking just before the end of the swim. Also i now want a nice Tri Bike, need to get down in the areo position o the bike would definately have helped. Will definately be doing this one again i think. Did it in:

    Swim: 0:12:44.379

    T1: 0:01:37.860

    Bike: 0:35:27.729

    T2: 0:00:47.718

    Run: 0:19:02.036

    Total: 1:09:39.722

    Only 2 half weeks now till ironman 70.3!!! But has given me alot of confidence
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    anitaanita Posts: 27
    You must be buzzing. I had my first tri a couple of weeks ago at darlington, although I got hit in the face in the pool and stopped in my tracks by a slower swimmer (someone slower than me lol) I had a great time- did it in an hour and a half, which I was pleased with. There was apprehension on my part for this one because I did not really know what to expect in ways of pushhing my boundaries. However I have the bug to challenge myself so have booked in for another 4 tri's (just sprint) and am seriously considering the prince bishop open water sprint (lots of swimming needed). Well done and its great being able to relate to others on the forum when they say they have the bug lol
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    BobalovskiBobalovski Posts: 15
    wow....Sam, you clocked an awesome time...sounds like you've got this thing licked, especially the swimming. I couldn't swim more than 25m and couldn't freestyle at all back in Feb so was chuffed to make it round in any kind of state to do the rest. Youre right about the feeling in T1. I was dissorientated, dizzy, slipped over on the slipway, forgot to start taking my suit off immediately and ran to the wrong bike rack! Was pleased though how quickly the feeling passed once I started pedalling.

    I put aerobars on my road bike and having barely used them in training was really suprised the difference they made yesterday....they were essential and really quite comfortable. I can't wait till my next race now which hopefully won't be so windy and may give me a good time under "normal" conditions!

    Good luck with the 70.3, am rather hoping I can progress to that sort of distance next year if I can sort my swim out.

    Well done again on a great race
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    BobalovskiBobalovski Posts: 15
    Thanks Anita....yeah, buzz is an understatement....I barely slept a wink all night, the adrenalin kept me awake much to Mrs B's annoyance as she had to be up at 6am.

    Good luck with all your other races, and definitely do get some OW practice in. I squeezed three sessions in over at the Blue seventy place near Reading and felt stronger and more confident each time (first time was a real shock!)....all the folks who run these places are so friendly and encouraging and I always end up just chewing the fat with like minded souls for more time than I'm in the water.

    Tri really is a friendly and inclusive sport with loads of room for striving for PBs....I'm so glad I went for it (not just because I've lost 10kg since Feb) and can't wait for my other races.

    Good luck and thanks for you support
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    WannabetriWannabetri Posts: 219
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