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Fritton Lake tri - its great race but complete disaster

Here is a tale of how it all goes wrong.....

So, its a 5am start from London to get to Fritton Lake and I have cold/sore throat. Anyway, husband is racing too, so we head off with our stuff at 5.04am yesterday morning. By 5.30am the M11 is closed due to a mass pile up and we sit whilst they re-open the road for 70 minutes. Drive like the clappers to Great Yarmouth and arrive just before 8.20am. Throw couple of nurofen cold and flu down and dont even take 2 mins to think about whether am actually well enough to race. My swim is moved to 8.50 with the men so we dash off to meet our friend (who has left dead on 5 and got through the M11 before the pile up) and quickly throw on wetsuits. Get to water, and omg, they have started the last wave already and the swimmers are 300/400m out there. Sod it, its been such a nightmare already, we throw ourselves in the water and give it a go. I can barely move my left arm as I didnt have time to sort out wetsuit, but manage to catch a few slower men. Bike ok ish, run is cross country and I run straight into a massive puddle of mud up to my knees and am only saved from falling over by the guy behind me. Trainers now completely black (hmm they are going to look a treat in at Vineman and Monaco 70.3). Heart rate going through roof due to pseudoephedrine in cold tablets. Eventually its over.......

What a great race this is though - really scenic and everyone was lovely, really well organised and will be back for another go next year!


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    mkamka Posts: 26

    I share the same sentiments - absolutely fantastic race but was also a complete disaster for me as well.

    The race & organisation was excellent, very friendly and great marshals who cheered and gave encouragement on the bike course even when it rained - it's also a brilliant race for a first-timer at the Olympic distance. Goody bag, t-shirt and a reasonably priced entry fee.

    My race disaster - my first OD and my first DNF. A cramp in my calf as I exited the swim, after 4-5mins trying to stretch it out I hobbled onto the bike and hoped it cleared there, no such luck so had to abandon after T2. So the initial cramp is now a calf strain... Aside from that the event was great and will definitely be back next year to try again.

    Hope your cold is better!

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    brizzichickbrizzichick Posts: 166
    oh guys...wot a race for your both! NMF...wow to start after seeing everyone already 300/400mtrs out..now that's takes determination..especially since you were sick as well! some would have just given up at that point! glad to see it was well organised...makes the race all the better...

    mka...my thoughts are with you....shame about the calf strain...hope it heals quick and you're back on for your next OD....

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    I think its only the realisation that I have only raced sprint distance before and have 70.3 in 6 weeks that made me get in the water and just give it a go! I agree MKA, the supporters were so great and was a lovely race. Next time I think we will hire a log cabin and stay over the night before! Hope calf strain better MKA.
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    mkamka Posts: 26

    NMF - actually that was the same reason I chose the event - basically in panic as I have a middle distance event at the end of June, also it seemed like a very novice friendly event.

    A few friends & I hired a cabin - so can definitely recommend doing that!

    Oh & congrats on completing the event even with a cold & missing the start - well impressive!!!

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