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Hair Removal Service

Sugaring is a natural method of hair removal for all skin types, including sensitive.

Treatment is gentle as the sugar paste attaches to the hair not the skin, and leaves the skin feeling soft, smooth and healthy looking. Treatment lasts 4-6 weeks.

Full Leg £24 Half Leg £14 Bikini £9 Thong £12 Brazilian £18

Full Arm £14 Half Arm £10 Under Arm £8

Lip or Chin £6 Eyebrow £8 Face £10

Stomach from £6 Back from £10 Chest from £12

Evening and weekend appointments available

Please contact Estelle on 07846 023 105 or email [[email protected]][email protected][/email]

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  • bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    Hey guys, they actually discovered a new source of people who need waxing/shaving advice and service. Hell, we chat about it so we must be in need of it!??

    I personally blame jon_g, Samutri, the belly, Bopomofo, britspin, Barbsarama, bodhisattva, ....., well , ALL OF YOU GUYS talking constantly about it.

    Lucky for us they don't know about our 'red, carbon, wind-tunnel tested, porridge shiny kit' -addiction.


    Hey Hair removal people; nothing personal.
  • gaterz1981gaterz1981 Posts: 233
    Have already sourced a mobile waxer who does me legs for £10.[8D] Get them done when me wife gets hers done. The stuff dreams are made of.[:D]
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