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What Bike Should I Chose???

Hey i am new to triathlon and im looking for a bike around £200 can any tell me what bikes are good for around £200, i found a raleigh Airlite 100 and a Dawes Giro 200 are they any good thanks sean[:D]


  • jacjac Posts: 452
    Hi Sean,

    Don't know about either of those..but if you can spare £299 the b'Twin Sport 2 has had rave reviews.

  • danthemandantheman Posts: 15
    Welcome Sean,

    There are many threads on here already about bikes for newbies. I myself started one a week or so ago, looking for a bike in this price range.

    For a beginner there are many options available to you, but if your looking for something a bit competative you will be able to pick up a fairly decent a road bike for a few hundred. I purchased a Carera Valour from my local halfords last week, and after a few modifications, i.e the pedals, I have been amazed by how much difference it makes compared to the MTB i was training on before.

  • Madsean,

    This one might be within your price range. Worth a look.


  • Hey ConspiracyTheory

    Thanks for telling me about that bike it looks great but is it better than the raleigh airlite 100 and

    dawes giro 200 thank sean

  • MintyMatMintyMat Posts: 98
    I had a similar dilemma but took my time and after 2 months of looking got a 2nd hand Giant OCR-3 2007 model. Carbon forks and very stiff frame. It's a joy to ride and had only done 100 miles or so. I picked it up for 200 quid. There are deals to be had, especially if you're willing to travel. It is worth shopping around.
  • starcherstarcher Posts: 126
    Hey sean,

    Well heres my bit being a big fan of the bargin I would go to your local bike shop to get measured up for frame sizes on as many of the brand names you can Trek Speccy Scott etc then get yourself into the 2nd hand market there are a load of bikes outhere Ebay is a favourite of mine even though some on here hate it.

    If you have an idea about what your doing you could even mix and match frame and components and build yourself a pretty decent starter bike for 200 -250, otherwise theres a hat full of Trek 1000s and speccy allezs going . [color="#990000"]Just make sure you get the right size!!!!!

    Thats my opinion anyways mate happy hunting.


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