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Dorset Triers

Hey guys. Im pretty new to triathlon and am just training by myself at the mo and occasionally with mum, but would like to join a tri club.There seems to be a slight shortage of these in my area. Im based in wareham but would travel for some good sessions.

Who else is in dorset?

What clubs are you guys with?

Let me know. Also id love to get together with some of you and get some rides on runs in!

Lets try get all us dorset triers together



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    BexHBexH Posts: 226
    Hey Chris, I am new to all this as well and have mainly been training by myself and do cycling with a mate every saturday as we have both entered Blenheim. I just joined Zoom Tri Club and have been doing their swim sessions which are great and they are a really welcoming bunch. Just need to get my arse to their run sessions now ha ha. But it does seem that there are a few of us on here from Dorset so we should try and organise something at weekends maybe. I find it's good to do stuff with different people as it pushes you a bit- I switch off when I'm by myself!
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    First timerFirst timer Posts: 139
    Hey there, I am in Weymouth and part of a nice new club called Bustinskin. A friend and myself started it this Jan and have affiliated with the BTF. W e are in the process of arranging training sessions with a swim coach for O/W sessions and club rides and running.

    Have a look online. www.bustinskin.com

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